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Tuition Fees & Scholarships in Poland

If you are a European citizen, then Poland is an excellent choice to pursue your studies. Do you want to know why? Tuition fees in Poland for full-time studies are free of charge at the Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

However, in some study programs, depending on the level, you will be asked to prove your Polish language proficiency but don’t worry, a plethora of English-taught programs is offered as well!

Tuition fees in Poland are applied for non-European students, but they are very affordable compared to other popular study destinations in Europe. The total cost of a Bachelor’s degree for an international student can reach up to 7,000-8,000 USD and for Master’s up to 9,000 USD. It all depends on the discipline and the level of studies. Be aware that MBA programs, programs in medicine and dentistry and programs in private Polish institutions cost more.

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Some approximate tuition fees in Poland for international students are:

  • For first, second and long-cycle studies: 2,400 USD (around 9,000 PLN) per year. 
  • For Master’s studies, postdoctoral internships, vocational courses and apprenticeships: 3,650 USD (around 13,000 PLN) per year. 
  • For annual preparatory Polish language courses: 2,400 USD (around 9,000 PLN) per year. 
  • For PhD degrees: All Phd students in Poland study free of charge and receive a scholarship. 

Scholarships in Poland

There are multiple scholarships in Poland to choose from, offered by the Polish government, private foundations or universities. Some of them are: 

For more scholarship opportunities and relevant information about the exact cost of your chosen program based on your citizen status, contact directly the university of your choice.

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Last update: 08 Jun 2021

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