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View of Krakow from St. Mary's church

Study in Poland: A Guide for International Students

Do you like diverse nature, cities steeped in history and delicious comfort food after a long exam season? If you answered yes to these three questions, and are looking to study somewhere in Europe - there is a perfect solution for you: Study in Poland!

Poland’s tradition of academic education goes back to 1364 when King Casimir the Great realised how important it was to have a class of educated people. Thus, Krakow Academy, today known as Jagiellonian University, was established.

Today, Poland has over 450 HEIs (Higher Education institutions) to choose from and being a member of the Socrates-Erasmus network, Poland has slowly built a reputation for students looking to get an unforgettable study experience and an internationally recognized degree.

There were 72 743 foreign students from 170 countries studying in Poland last year and the numbers grow steadily. 

Read on to discover what exactly makes Poland a good choice for a study destination. 

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38.4 million

Area Size

312,679 km²

International students


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October - June


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For many students, the cost is one of the main worries when looking to study abroad. After all, one has to take into account books, transportation, and tuition. Here is where Poland comes into play! While Polish universities follow the Bologna study standards and offer top-notch education, the cost is reasonably low compared to the alternative.

Tuition fees start from less than 1700 EUR per year. But the low costs do not apply only to the tuition. Despite having one of the fastest-growing European economies, Poland still has relatively low prices.

And as a student you have a lot to think of: a shared flat in the city center will cost you around 110-170 USD, a room in a student dormitory around 100 USD?

Still wondering if you can afford it? The public transportation is cheap and offers a discount for students, and during the warmer months, you can use public bikes which are almost free of charge. What a dream for the cost wary!

But we know that studying is more than worrying about exams and looking at the price tags. Living in Poland, you can find ways to relax and unwind, regardless of where you find yourself. Even universities understand the importance of relaxing. Every year, each university organizes its own carnival called Juwenalia. During Juwenalia, all classes are canceled so that everybody has time to party.

With 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland, a rich history spanning over centuries, and a bustling nightlife, Poland will surely transform your study time into an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, finding friends will be a piece of cake! Hospitality is deeply rooted in Polish culture. Expect every casual invitation for dinner to end up as a three-course feast. Polish grandmas will always find a reason to feed you more and Poles won't hesitate to offer you their flat for a night if you run into problems. The Polish people regard history as an important part of their identity and the locals will gladly tell you breath-taking stories about their hometown, instantly becoming a free and attractive tour guide. 

No matter where you find yourself, from bustling cities to quaint little villages, your stay in Poland will always be comfortable and interesting.

Poland is a geographically diverse country and has a climate to match. With its moderate climate, Poland offers both maritime and continental elements. This means you can expect many sunny days but many rainy days as well and don’t be surprised when the summer turns out to be quite hot or quite rainy. Winters in Poland are normally very cold, with temperatures dropping below freezing, and with a lot of snowy days. Perfect for cosy study sessions but if you come from a warmer climate, make sure you bring appropriate clothes!

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Last update: 02 Jan 2020

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