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Study in Monaco

Study in Monaco

Though it takes only 56 minutes for an average person to walk across the petite country of Monaco, it has surprisingly much to offer. French is the only official language of Monaco, but if you speak English, Italian or happen to master Monegasque you will have no problems making yourself understood.

Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world holding over 20.000 people in just 1.95 km2. A large part of Monacos population are from foreign countries making it a very diverse and interesting place to spend your time studying abroad.

Study abroad in Monacomonaco_2

Out of Monacos total of 10 learning institutions only one is a university, the International University of Monaco. IUM  courses in Business, Finance and Economics has been ranked high by many international publications. All the classes at the International University of Monaco are taught in English.

The educational system of Monaco is very similar to the French one besides it teaching Monegasque along with English. If you choose to study in Monaco you will be able to meet people of 125 different nationalities all in the same place, an opportunity for life.

Monaco and Sports

The Monaco Grand Prix has been held on the streets of Monaco since 1929, and the Monaco Rally 1911. Many travel to Monaco annually for these spectacles.

Besides Monaco hosting many large-scale international sporting events It is situated both close to the Alps and next to the mediterranean sea, making it the perfect place for sports and leisure. Monacos large stadiums offers both international football games and an olympic-size swimming pool with a high diving board for the more adventurous one. Among many other events, the Monte Carlo Country Club hosts one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world on its 40 courts throughout Monaco.

Money and Monaco

Monaco has attracted a large part of its foreign population do to the absence of personal income tax. These wealthy tax-refugees are usually athletes who thus have occupations outside of Monaco or businessmen. This fact makes it quite expensive to live and study in Monaco

monaco_1Sightings of Monaco

A very well visited place in Monaco is the world renowned Monte Carlo Casino. The casino draws visitors from all over the globe to play blackjack, roulette and poker, the annual poker tournament in Monte Carlo offers the largest winner-pots in the world. Even if you are not a big poker player the casino is still a joy to the eye, a big classy building that is actually closed for the Monegasque themselves.

The main Source of income to Monaco is the tourism business. People from all over the world travel to Monaco  to live in one of the many luxury hotels, and who can blame them. Monaco borders only one country, France along with the Mediterranean sea making the French influences very obvious. With over 300 days of sunshine a year Monaco makes use of the magnificent coastline offering a vast range of water sports and two magnificent harbors.



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