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Study in Malta: Everything You Need to Know

Study in Malta

Right in the centre of the mediterranean lies the beautiful islands of Malta, altogether the islands inhabit over 400.000 people. As English is an official language of Malta along with maltese this may be just the perfect place for your first study abroad experience.

Study abroad in Malta

Studying abroad is not just about digging your head into books but also about getting to know another culture, explore different cuisine and meeting lots of new friends from all over the world. Exploring Malta is easy to do by public transport, by bus or boat it is possible to reach almost every part of the islands.  The "Malta bus" is considered a tourist attraction of its own as it has a long tradition on the island.

The Educational System of Maltamalta_31

The Maltese educational system is very similar to the British one; Primary education of 6 years > Secondary education of 5 years. To enter higher education in Malta students need Matriculation examination certificate, this is equivalent to the british A-levels and is rewarded after the additional two years of study. These two years are carried out in sixth form college/junior college or another post-secundary education before applying for a university.

Multi-lingual Malta

Since both Maltese and English are official languages in Malta the teaching in Maltese schools is also conducted in both languages. In higher education most courses are taught entirely in English. Popular elective languages among Maltese students are Italian and French.

Travelling to Malta

For students from countries part of the Schengen convention who have visa issued from their home country, no visa is needed to enter Malta. However, if decide to go to Malta for your abroad studies it is wise to contact your nearest maltese embassy or consulate for more exact information about visas and other things surrounding your move to Malta.

Upon arrival in Malta you will need documents to show that you will be able to pay tuition fees and otherwise support yourself during your stay.

malta_1Life on Malta

Maltese historic venues are often hosts to outdoor theaters and concerts, and the vibrant calendar of Malta does not stop there. Annual events such as the three-month summer festival and the international jazz festival by floodlit Grand harbor in July also keep the Maltese occupied on their free time.

Nightlife is also very up and coming in Malta, Paceville and St Julian's are the centre of the scene inviting DJ´s from all over the globe. For an extra special night out do not miss the summer fiesta providing your senses with fireworks, food and fun all night long.

Malta has a typical mediterranean climate as well as cuisine with inspiration from all over the world, do not miss the traditional delicacy pastizzi and ftira bread.

Surrounded by water, Malta, like any other island, is a land of seafood, fishing boats and the most beautiful diving waters. Vitit caves and hidden beaches in the weekends with your newly found friends.

About Malta

Valetta is the capital of Malta and also the center of attention for many tourists as the town holds many of the museums, theaters and other tourist attractions. But if you are staying for a longer time than a normal vacation usually lasts for you should definitely take the time to see at least some of the other two large islands. Malta has a long history and has been a part of many historic passthroughs of the world so there is very much to see on the comparably small surface of the Maltese islands.


Last update: 23 Jul 2019

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