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Study in Luxembourg: Education in Luxembourg

Higher education in Luxembourg is normally multilingual, with different classes being taught in one of the three national languages. That being said, there's a large and increasing number of programs taught entirely in English. 

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Higher education is heavily subsidized by the state, with tuition fees ranging from €200 (US$240) to €400 (US$475) per semester. As to which end of the spectrum your fees will fall, this will depend more on your program of study rather than the language of tuition. More practical programs, like medicine or engineering, will fall more towards the €400 end. 

Luxembourg is signed up to the EU’s Bologna Process, meaning that all Luxembourgish schools meet, and even exceed, high, rigorous international standards. This means that, whether you study at a major institution or a small college, you can rest assured that your education will be recognized internationally. 

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Luxembourgish schools tend to rank highly internationally, both for the quality of their education and their research. The country’s best schools are the University of Luxembourg, the Lunex University and Sacred Heart University. Luxembourgish schools also have exchange and information programs with schools from all over the world, not just those that are also part of the Bologna Process. 

Bachelor’s degrees normally take three years to complete, sometimes four, depending on the subject. Master’s degrees normally take one or two years, while PhDs can take up to five years - and will take a minimum of three years to complete. It’s also the norm for Luxembourgish degrees to include practical elements, like an internship or research experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Want an overview of Luxembourg? Do you want to know a little more about the Grand Duchy? The section gives you an oversight of all you need to know.

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Student Visas

Do you need a visa to enter Luxembourg to study? Learn more about the student visa process, and what you need to enter the country, depending on your citizenship. 

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Housing & Living Costs

No matter where you study abroad, it’s important to create a budget in advance so that you’re prepared. Therefore, we’ve detailed average living and housing costs so that you can get a better idea of what you would be paying as a student in Luxembourg.

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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fees for degree programs in Luxembourg can vary. Both international and domestic students are expected to pay tuition fees in Luxembourg, but these fees are normally quite low. We've put together information on how this works, and on scholarships, in this section.

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Language & Culture

Luxembourg is a country rich in political significance and culture. Find out more about what the country offers in terms of languages, culture, and more! We also talk about safety in Luxembourg in this section.

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Application Process

Learn more about how to apply to Luxembourgish schools and the documentation you need to do it in this section.

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Last update: 31 Mar 2021

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