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Tuition fees in Austria

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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for University of Arts in Austria

  • Austrian citizens and students who have EU/EEA nationality pay no regular tuition fees for the prescribed duration of study plus 2 semesters. These students must however pay membership fees to the student union which is obligatory and € 363.36 each semester after the two semesters tolerance period.
  • For all other students (after possession of the resident permit), must pay € 726.72 per semester.
  • An exemption from paying tuition fees is possible in special cases (e.g. for participants in exchange programs, university partnerships, exchange programs or students from less developed countries). 
  •  Students from other developing countries,Central and Eastern European reform countries can be exempted or apply for a full or partial refund of  tuition fees according to the chosen university's own rules. Further information is available at

Tuition fees for Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria

  • Universities of Applied Sciences are entitled to charge tuition fees of € 363 per year.
  • In the case of University Training Courses, University Level Courses, Universitätslehrgänge, Private Universities & University Colleges of Teacher Education the tuition fees differ from one institution to the other and should be inquired at the prospective institution.
  • In some cases, students have to pay an obligatory fee to the student union.

Some programs incur an additional application fee which is a one time payment for the application to be processed further. If the payment is not completed on time, the application of the student is canceled.

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The content of this Study in Austria guide has been developed by OeAD - Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research.

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OeAD is Austria’s leading non-profit-making service organisation in the field of international cooperation in education and research. The activities of the OeAD embrace general, academic and vocational education with – historically grown – specific focus on academic mobility.

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