Study in South Korea: Housing & Living Costs

As South Korea’s star ascends, so does its cost of living. However, compared to major American cities like New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, Seoul is still very much affordable. South Korea is also known for generally having higher wages as the tech and business sectors dominate the economy.

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The currency of South Korea is the South Korean Won (₩). It can be tricky to find Won outside of Eastern Asia. If you can’t find Won, take US Dollars or Chinese Yuan with you and exchange these to Won once you’ve arrived.

There are schools across the country, but many international students find themselves in Seoul. These prices will reflect the costs in the capital. Some average living costs are (in ₩ and USD):

Monthly rent (1 bedroom apartment): 975,000₩ ($830)

Utilities (monthly average): 200,000₩ ($170)

Monthly public transport pass: 55,000₩ ($45)

Meal (inexpensive restaurant): 8,000₩ ($7)

Coffee: 4600₩ ($3.90)

Milk (1 liter): 2500₩ ($2.15)

Vegetables (1kg): 3,000₩ - 8,000₩ ($2.55 - $6.80)

Eggs (dozen): 3,300₩ ($2.80)

Water (1.5 liters bottled): 1,400₩ ($1.20)

Beef (1kg): 40,000₩ ($34)

Beer (bottle): 2,800₩ ($2.40)

Bread (loaf): 2,760₩ ($2.35)

The average cost of living in Seoul is 1,260,000₩ ($1075) per month. Rent is normally counted as a separate cost in South Korea. 

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Most students, both South Korean and international, live in goshiwon. Goshiwon are shared accommodation. Students sometimes have their own room, but sometimes share a room with up to four people. You will always share a kitchen and sometimes a bathroom. This type of accommodation is called dorms in the US, or halls or corridors in Europe. Goshiwon can be rented from your school, a contractor approved by them or from private landlords. The private rental sector is well-regulated in South Korea. 

Chip-and-pin and contactless bank cards are widely accepted across South Korea, even in more rural areas. ATMs are also numerous. You’ll still need to carry some cash with you, though, as market stalls and street food vendors normally don’t take cards.

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Last update: 25 Sep 2020


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