Study in Israel: Language & Culture

An epicenter of modernity and a rapidly developing tech scene with deep religious and historical roots, this small country offers international students the best of both worlds!


On top of its rich religious heritage, international students in Israel can look forward to a vibrant day-to-day life, especially in its largest cities. Across Israeli urban hubs, people from all over gather at the various cafes and restaurants to experience the different cultural attractions and events happening in the country’s most modern locations. Among the most popular cities for international students are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Be’er Sheva and Rehovot.

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Though Israel as we know it today was born after WWII, it has played a key role in the history of the Middle East going back to ancient times. It’s home to many different religious communities who practice their faith freely —together, with their various customs and traditions, they create the cultural melting pot that is present-day Israel!

Israel was featured on our 2020 Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations list as the #4 study abroad destination in all of Asia, the #6 destination to have an adventure in Asia, and came in an impressive #1 place as the best study abroad destination in Asia for international students to develop themselves personally. No matter why you're choosing to study abroad, Israel has the opportunities you're looking for to bring your study abroad dreams to life! 

Try some of the tantalizing array of Middle Eastern flavors and goods in one of the many Israeli shuks (markets), float in the Dead Sea in the Negev desert, visit the Western Wall in the Biblical city of Jerusalem or simply take in the beautiful beaches and architecture that make up this amazing country. The possibilities for adventure are endless!

It’s interesting to know that Israel is the only country with a Jewish majority and Hebrew is the country’s official language, followed by Arabic, the second-most common language and native to the Arab communities in Israel. If you’re looking to really delve into Israeli language and culture, take a Hebrew language class from your university. Fortunately, English is usually a required course until high school for all Israelis, and international students should not have a problem communicating with their classmates, professors, or friends in English!


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Education System

Want to learn about how higher education works in Israel? A popular destination for international students given its high-quality education and fascinating cultural diversity, take a minute to dive into Israel’s higher education system!

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Housing & Living Costs

No matter where you study abroad, it’s important to create a budget in advance so that you’re prepared. Therefore, we’ve detailed average living and housing costs so that you can get a better idea of what you would be paying as a student in Israel.

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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fees for degree programs in Israel may vary depending on many factors, but there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available. Find out more here!

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Application Process

All countries have specific admissions requirements for students to gain acceptance into a university. Learn more about the ins and outs of admission to programs in Israel, and what you need to apply.

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Last update: 29 Jun 2023


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