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Welcome to the William Angliss Institute!

Established in 1940, the William Angliss Institute is an internationally-recognised, high-quality educational institution specialising in the hospitality, tourism and foods industries in Melbourne, Australia. Through education, training, and consultancy, the William Angliss Institute provides educational excellence to people with a passion. Students at William Angliss Institute are privy to a comprehensive network of partnerships within education, industry, and training institutions within Victoria, and also Australia as a whole and the world. 

At the Melbourne campus, William Angliss Institute students learn in a safe, central city environment in one of Australia's most vibrant, multicultural cities. Industry-standard, modern facilities and technology provide students with innovative training solutions from experts in their fields. In addition, William Angliss Institute's membership and affiliation with a range of Australian and international industry and educational organisations ensure students gain the skills that are in demand today.

William Angliss Institute contributes to the advancement of industries by guiding students on their paths toward becoming highly-skilled employees. With access to supportive student services and specialist help, William Angliss Institute students gain the knowledge and skills for successful lifelong careers as, for instance, executive chefs, hotel managers, business owners, executive event managers, or regional tourism specialists.


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