PhD in Construction of Production Machines and Equipment

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About this program

PhD in Construction of Production Machines and Equipment

This field offers the study of one of several specializations in the field of construction and calculations of both machines and their parts and groups. In the field it is possible to study the issue of machine drives, both mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Furthermore, in the field it is possible to gain knowledge from transport and material handling, earthmoving, mining and civil engineering machines, production machines, etc. The whole study is highly professional and the latest knowledge in the field is applied in it. Top designs and optimization methods are used in designs and calculations. Of course, work with modern 3D CAD applications and FEM systems. Students will design machines and machine parts with regard to load-bearing capacity and required service life. Graduates will learn to manage these tools at a professional level as designers or computer scientists in all fields of engineering.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree (at least)
  • English-language ability – students, who are not native speakers may be asked to demonstrate their ability to study in English, e.g. by presenting the results of any language tests they have taken. English language ability document - minimum requirements: IELTS score 5,0; TOEFL internet-based score 62 (possibly other certificates at the same level).
  • Entrance examination (according to the Faculty Admission Procedure Rules and Conditions for Admission)

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Program content

  • Czech Language Dr.
  • English Language Dr.
  • French Language Dr.
  • German Language Dr.
  • Russian Language Dr.
  • Spanish Language Dr.
  • Applied Linear Algebra
  • Automatic Control Theory
  • Basic Methods of Statistical Data Analysis in Practice
  • Classical Methods of Solution of Partial Differential Equations
  • Construction of Cutting Tools and Fixtures
  • Drives of machines and mechanisms
  • Electrical Measurement of Nonelectrical Values
  • Engineering Metrology and Technical Measurements
  • Environmental Enginneering in Industry
  • Evaluation Methods of Measurement of Physical Quantities
  • Finite Element Method in Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Components and Systems
  • Logistic Chains in Mines
  • Machinery for Earthmoving and Civil Engineering
  • Machines for Building Objects by Mining Method
  • Machines for Surface Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Machines for Underground Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Mathematical modeling of engineering problems
  • Mathematical Modelling and FEM
  • Mechanical Engineering and Unconventional Materials
  • Mechanisms and Machines Theory
  • Metals Formability
  • Methods of Optimization
  • Modeling of Fluid Flow by Finite Volume Method
  • Modelling of Mass and Heat Transfer
  • Modern Systems of Energetics
  • Physics of Fluids
  • Projection of Production Systems
  • Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Servomechanisms
  • Special Themes of Thermomechanics
  • Stone Extraction and Processing Machines
  • Theory and Construction of Machine Tools
  • Theory of Welding
  • Vector and Tensor Analysis

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava for more information.


Tuition fee: 500 CZK per semester, approx. 20 EUR per academic year


Graduate's skills

Graduates of doctoral studies in the field of Construction of Production Machines and Equipment will gain theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience necessary for independent scientific work in various specializations of the field, which reflect the design directions of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the needs of industrial practice.

The basic skills of the graduate program include:

  • Orientation in engineering standards and in technical documentation of machines, devices and equipment.
  • Management of construction work and projects on a complete type of product from design to introduction into production.
  • Independent processing of design solutions for more demanding engineering products.
  • Elaboration of design documentation of engineering products and their parts.
  • Communication in production, design, technology, economics, etc.
  • Selection of suitable materials and semi-finished products for designed components, design of methods of their heat treatment and surface treatment
  • Strength calculations of complex stressed machine parts and metal structures.
  • Elaboration of procedures, instructions and other documents for testing, use and technical conditions of the product, documents, etc.
  • Carrying out economic evaluation of the product and more.

Career paths

Graduate's knowledge

Graduates of the program will gain information and knowledge in the field of design, construction, operation, maintenance and diagnostics of production machines and equipment in various fields of human activity. They will acquire the principles and skills of methodological design and design theory using computer support. They will gain a deeper knowledge of the major disciplines of mechanical engineering as a broad basis for creative application in mechanical engineering and for further professional growth through various forms of lifelong learning.

The basic knowledge of the graduate of the program includes:

  • Technical drawing in mechanical engineering, metal production, and other industrial fields according to the respective focus
  • General principles and procedures of care for machines, equipment and investment units;
  • Metallic materials and alloys and their properties (eg hardness, flexibility, toughness, etc.);
  • Machine parts and semi-finished products and their parameters (dimensions, surface quality, etc.);
  • Design principles and procedures;
  • Utility value and price of the product;
  • Machine mechanisms;
  • Basics of technologies, basic types of machines and equipment;
  • Quality and quality systems and standards;
  • Hydromechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics;
  • Statics, flexibility, and strength;
  • Plastic and thermoplastic materials and their properties;
  • Basics of metalworking technology and more.

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