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Program description

Based in London with close industry ties this course offers a generalist CGI grounding, while giving you the crucial ability to specialise in a particular area - something the industry increasingly requires. With its strong CGI focus, the course emphasises the importance of a solid grounding in art and design principles while teaching you to model, rig, animate and light in 3D.
Theoretical, practical and technical knowledge form the basis of an accumulated set of creative software skills that include:
• CGI foundations
• VFX compositing
• 3D matchmoving
• motion tracking
• matte painting
• environment creation
• rigging and creature effects
• digital sculpture
• dynamics and CGI lighting
• visual development
Visual effects (VFX) are the processes whereby sequences for movies, commercials, television, games and other new media are created through digital techniques - live action is enhanced, augmented or replaced altogether. The use of VFX can save money and avoid dangerous or difficult live action filming but most of all it enables the impossible to happen. With VFX, imagination is the only limit. Think about mass battles in fantasy realms, exploding planets, interstellar travel, realistic yet mythical creatures, epic disasters, crowd scenes, historical and futuristic settings, car chases and extreme weather conditions. These, and much more, are the products of VFX.

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University of West London

At the University of West London, we aim to inspire you to become a creative professional and connect you to an exciting and rewarding career. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s most successful business regions, we have highly qualified staff with a wealth ofexperience...

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