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Games, Design and Animation

University of West London
3 years
Bachelor's degree
On campus
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Program description

The BA (Hons) Games, Design, and Animation course helps you develop the creative skills you need to make the visual and interactive elements of games.

On this course, you will learn practical and theoretical aspects of creating, analysing, and enjoying games. In addition to the key artistic and practical skills that are in demand with employers, we will explore new ways of interacting with computers, and new ways of experiencing games.

This course offers many exciting opportunities to explore the history and future of games and play as art, entertainment, a new form of communication and as an emotionally engaging storytelling medium. Specialised teaching focused on design and animation will equip you with a wide range of skills and theoretical knowledge required in the fast-paced, and dynamic games industry.

The first year of the Undergraduate course introduces digital creativity, art expertise, along with an introduction to developing game narratives, assets, and levels. The second year focuses on animation, interaction, and new ways of orchestrating game events. The final year is focused on your Major Project, while also developing business planning and entrepreneurial skills.

As well as building valuable skills and honing in on your creativity through art and design, we also encourage open-ended artistic experimentation and exploration within the vehicle of games both as a narrative medium, through novel or unconventional modes of interaction and play and by considering games as a spectator or theatrical event.

On completion of this course, graduates will have:
• an awareness of contextual and practical theories of game design and analysis
• a comprehensive understanding of creating and animating 3D characters
• developed independent study and research skills
• an in-depth knowledge of industry standard software and best practice
Career and study progression
Graduates of the BA (Hons) in Games, Design, and Animation will have a wide range of career paths open to them in gaming and in other highly sought after areas, such as:
• game design
• level design
• character art
• interaction design
• play testing
You may also wish to undertake postgraduate study to specialise in a subject you've already studied, or to explore something new.

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University of West London

At the University of West London, we aim to inspire you to become a creative professional and connect you to an exciting and rewarding career. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s most successful business regions, we have highly qualified staff with a wealth ofexperience...

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