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University of Urbino Carlo Bo

The University of Urbino dates back to 1506 when Duke Guidobaldo I founded the “Collegio dei Dottori”, and from its inception, it continued to grow and develop. The University of Urbino grew out of the Collegio dei Dottori which was already active around the middle of the fifteenth century and “authorized to act as an appeal court for suits involving the Duchy of Urbino”. At the request of Duke Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, this college was officially recognized in a papal bull of 1507, issued by Pope Julius II of the della Rovere family, and entrusted with the administration of penal and civil law throughout the Duchy.

While the student body and faculties gradually increased and developed over time, it was under the long and fruitful presidency of Senator for Life, Carlo Bo, that the University enjoyed unprecedented growth in size and prestige, prompting the former President of the European Community Commission, Roy Jenkins, to state that “the University of Urbino is an incisive presence in contemporary thought, contributing in original ways to the cultural and intellectual life of Europe”. The University of Urbino now has around 20,000 students and is known for the quality of its teaching and research.

The size and organization of the University encourage a direct relationship between students and teachers and allow students to take full advantage of all campus services and facilities. Urbino, the ideal Renaissance city, has become the ideal city for study, a lively and stimulating campus-town perfectly suited for student life.


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