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Sociology and Social Research

University of Trento

Program description

The main aim of the Doctoral school in sociology and social research is to train top level professionals able to carry out qualified research activity at universities, public and private bodies, both for basic and applied research. In particular, the school aims at training professionals able to use their ability in an interdisciplinary way.

The sociology and social research department gathers the cultural and research tradition of social sciences that grew around the first Faculty of Sociology in Italy, the Faculty of Trento. The department is multidisciplinary, a rendezvous for scholars with different backgrounds. Its multidisciplinarity is the premise to deepen border topics between the different disciplines.

The departments activity traditionally focuses on a few specific research areas: the social structure, inequalities and collective action; valours, socio-territorial belonging and social development; the change of European political institutions; cultures and organizational change; social theory; tecnological and organizational changes.

The sociology and social research Doctoral programme common aims are:

Sociology and social research
This specific curriculum pursues a high integration between classic and contemporary sociological theories and empirical research, through quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. The aim is to elaborate theoretical propositions supported by an adequate basis of empirical data.

Information Systems and Organizations
The course identifies and selects an area of study for interdisciplinary theoretical observation and empirical research. This area is constituted by the same working and organizational contexts used by ICT technologies (Information and communication technologies).

Methodology and epistemology of social sciences
This curriculum will reconsider the topics studied during the 17th and 18th cycle of the same Doctoral course.

Comparative Social Work
The main goal of the program isto train researchers and academics in the area of social work. They should be able to rely on a solid theoretical and methodological base in sociology as well as showing the professional capacity to analyze adequately the dynamics of welfare systems in a comparative framework, particularly in reference to the European area.

During the first year most of the activities carried out are didactic, whereas during the following years students mainly concentrate on their thesis.

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University of Trento

The University of Trento was founded almost 50 years ago, and has since established itself as an institute of quality research and education; characterized by its focus on international relations and student mobility. As a dynamic and medium-sized research university,...

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