Master's Program in Music Technology

University of the Arts Helsinki
2.5 years
Full time
Master's degree
Scholarships available
English, Finnish, Swedish
A mixing table being used. Image by Veikko Kähkönen.

About this program

Master's Program in Music Technology

Grow into a music technology specialist in an international environment in the leading degree program in its field.

As a student, you will complete studies and research projects in music technology and creative music performance. Music technology studies are divided into focus areas, which all offer different perspectives into working as an expert in music technology.

The combination of studies and research in music technology and creative music performance is essential to the program. We offer you a wide course selection and versatile study opportunities to choose from based on your personal interests:

  • electroacoustic music
  • film and game music
  • media and sonic arts
  • music and technology: tools, methods and development
  • music technology pedagogy
  • amplification
  • recording and music production

During your first three years, you will study the tools needed in music technology and apply them creatively in different kinds of music contexts.

As a Master's student, you will complete advanced studies and specialise your interest to pursue a career for example as a sound engineer, producer, venue amplification professional, developer of music technology instruments and applications, composer of film, game or electroacoustic music, or as a sound artist.

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the university website for more information.

Program delivery

The languages of instruction for this program are English, Finnish and Swedish.


Annual tuition fee €5,000 for students studying in English and coming from outside the EU and EEA countries.

Continuing studies

It is possible to complete a doctoral degree at the University as a third-cycle degree. After graduating with a Master's degree, you will have the option to apply for research-oriented doctoral studies, arts-oriented doctoral studies or applied doctoral studies in music technology.

Career paths

Music technology students will acquire the skills needed in order to pursue a career in the field of music in a wide range of professions, including sound engineer, producer, sound systems designer, concert mixer, composer of film, stage and game music or electro-acoustic music, sound artist, performer, designer of digital instruments, expert in digital sound processing, and developer of music technology tools. Something that all of these occupations have in common is that they require the knowledge of different music genres, sound material, sound behaviour and effects, music technology tools and work methods, as well as the listening of music on a wide scale and the ability to justify one’s own artistic choices.

A degree in music technology can lead to a wide range of professions, which is why it’s all the more important that students take on an active role in building their own study and career paths. Gaining experience through international studies and traineeships is an important aspect in the student’s development.

About this institute

University of the Arts Helsinki

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) offers the highest education in fine arts, music, dance and theatre in an inspiring multidisciplinary environment. Uniarts Helsinki’s wide selection of programs in the field of arts and productive dialogue between teaching...

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Why study at University of the Arts Helsinki

  • The University of the Arts is one of the leading performing arts universities in the world: Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy has ranked among the top 26 universities in the QS World University Ranking for five consecutive years (2016–2023).
  • We have unique facilities for creating arts with two campuses in Helsinki and a new building for fine arts which was opened in 2021. The facilities are in the use of the Academy of Fine Arts as well as students of light design, sound design, and design for the performing arts. We host over 1,000 public performances or exhibitions per year.
  • At Uniarts Helsinki you can study in an inspiring environment where different disciplines of art influence each other. The academies of Uniarts Helsinki;Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Sibelius Academy, have roots deep within the Finnish arts education and history of art. The predecessors of all three academies were founded in the 19th century although then they operated under slightly different names.
  • The Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki is an international academy with a focus on fine arts. Students' personal aspirations and one-to-one guidance in teaching are at the heart of the academy.
  • The Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki is one of the largest music academies in Europe. It is the cornerstone of the Finnish music culture through its expertise in teaching, research and artistic activities.
  • The Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki is a reformer of the performing arts and offer the highest education in theatre, dance and writing in Finland.

Contact info

University of the Arts Helsinki

Sörnäinen campus
Sörnäisten rantatie 19
00530 Helsinki

Phone no: +358294 47 2000


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