University of Salamanca

Since 1988, the Bylaws of the Universidad de Salamanca state as one of its main purposes “the promotion, exaltation and diffusion of the Spanish language”.

During the 1980s, the Universidad de Salamanca began to produce and propagate its own materials and courses began to be offered year-round. Eventually, Cursos de Verano becomes Cursos Internacionales.

Cursos Internacionales of the University of Salamanca became a legal entity which exists in its own right in 1989. Its aims were to provide the Universidad de Salamanca with a practical tool to offer foreigners Spanish Language Courses, spread Spanish around the world, and assess language knowledge.

At the same time, it sought to give Spanish people the opportunity to learn foreign languages. To achieve these objectives,Cursos Internacionales has signed collaboration agreements with several different national and international institutions. Within this context, Cursos Internacionales is currently devoted to the development of materials for the teaching, learning and assessment of Spanish as a foreign language.

Since 1989 Cursos Internacionales has expanded its range of subjects and types of courses. The number of pupils continues to grow - nowadays there are more than 7,000 foreign students.
At present,Cursos Internacioles plays a key role in the teaching and assessment of Spanish as a foreign language nationally and internationally


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