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University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, founded in 1614 the university ranks amongst the top 100 universities in the world. We are a research intensive institution offering a wide range of highly regarded bachelor, master and PhD programs in all fields, completely in English. Currently we have a student body of 30,000 - almost 5,000 of which are international. We are proud to have won the prestigious International Student Satisfaction Excellence Award for the last two years running.

Many international students are attracted to Groningen predominantly for the world class education offered at the university however, our location is second to none. Groningen is the Netherland’s best kept secret, based in Northeast of the country, approximately 2 hours by train from Schiphol Airport, the city is home to almost 200,000 people with one in four being a student! Groningen is a buzzing student city and a very safe place to live, as soon as you arrive at you’ll notice the youthful, safe, fun vibe of the city.

Our bachelor graduates can continue their studies by studying a master degree with us in Groningen or at another university around the world. Some individuals will decide to go further still and earn a PhD in their field of expertise. Notable alumni include the first-ever female graduate in the Netherlands and we also produced the first Dutch space traveller Wubbo Ockels.

Whatever your journey, by obtaining a degree at the University of Groningen you’ll be in a strong position to take any path you wish.

  • Top 100 world ranked university
  • 180+ English taught programmes
  • 10 faculties and 9 graduate schools
  • Earn an additional 45 credits at the Honours College
  • 400 years of experience
  • Global exchange partnerships
  • International environment
  • Learn Dutch - 50 hours of free lessons


Bachelor's degree
Art & Design
Urban Design Length Location
BSc Spatial Planning and Design 36 months Groningen
Economics and Business Economics 36 months Groningen
International Business
BSc International Business 36 months Groningen
Computer Science & IT
BSc Computing Science 36 months Groningen
Software Engineering
BSc Artificial Intelligence 36 months Groningen
Engineering & Technology
Chemical Engineering
BSc Chemical Engineering 36 months Groningen
Industrial Engineering
BSc Industrial Engineering and Management 36 months Groningen
Health & Well-Being
Public Health
Medicine, Global Health Profile 36 months Groningen
Humanities & Culture
BA/BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences - University College Groningen Groningen
BSc Global Responsibility & Leadership 36 months Leeuwarden
International Studies
BA American Studies 36 months Groningen
Political Science
International Relations and International Organization 36 months Groningen
Psychology 36 months Groningen
Religion & Theology
BA Religious Studies 36 months Groningen
BA English Language and Culture 36 months Groningen
International Law
International and European Law 36 months Groningen
BSc Astronomy 36 months Groningen
BSc Chemistry 36 months Groningen
BSc Human Geography & Planning Groningen
BSc Applied Mathematics 36 months Groningen
BSc Mathematics 36 months Groningen
BSc Applied Physics 36 months Groningen
BSc Physics 36 months Groningen
Master's degree
Art & Design
Masters in Arts, Culture and Media Groningen
Business Administration
MSc Business Administration: Management Accounting and Control Groningen
MSc in Business Administration Groningen
MSc in Business Administration: Change Management Groningen
MSc in Business Administration: Small Business & Entrepreneurship Groningen
MSc in Business Administration: Strategic Innovation Management Groningen
MSc Finance Groningen
MSc in International Financial Management Groningen
Human Resources
MSc in Human Resource Management Groningen
International Business
MSc Economic Development and Globalization Groningen
MSc in International Business and Management Groningen
Double Degree Strategic Marketing Management Oslo 24 months Groningen
MSc Marketing Groningen
Real Estate & Property
MSc Real Estate Studies (RICS accredited) Groningen
Computer Science & IT
MSc in Computing Science Groningen
Software Engineering
MSc in Artificial Intelligence Groningen
Engineering & Technology
Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering
MSc in Biomedical Engineering 24 months Groningen
Chemical Engineering
MSc in Chemical Engineering Groningen
Industrial Engineering
MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Groningen
Health & Well-Being
MSc in Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment Groningen
Public Health
MA in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology 24 months Groningen
Sports Science
MSc in Human Movement Sciences 2 years Groningen
Humanities & Culture
MA Cultural Leadership Groningen
MA in Datafication and Digital Literacy Groningen
MA in Media Creation and Innovation Groningen
MA in Social Media and Society Groningen
Masters in Euroculture Groningen
Research Masters in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Groningen
Econometrics, Operations Research, & Actuarial Studies Groningen
MSc in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies Groningen
MSc in Economics Groningen
MSc Technology and Operations Management Groningen
Research Master in Economics and Business Groningen
Masters in Modern History and International Relations Groningen
International Studies
Masters in Humanitarian Action Groningen
Masters in International Relations and International Organization Groningen
Research Master in Regional Studies Groningen
Masters in Clinical Linguistics Groningen
Research Masters in Linguistics Groningen
Research Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies Groningen
Masters in Philosophy Groningen
MSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) 12 months Groningen
Research Masters in Philosophy: Knowledge and Knowledge Development Groningen
Political Science
MA in American Studies Groningen
Environmental Psychology 12 months Groningen
MSc Applied Social Psychology 12 months Groningen
MSc Clinical Forensic Psychology and Victimology 12 months Groningen
MSc Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology 12 months Groningen
MSc in Psychology Groningen
MSc Youth 0-21 Society and Policy 12 months Groningen
Research Master Behavioural and Social Sciences Groningen
Research Masters in Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences 24 months Groningen
Talent Development and Creativity 12 months Groningen
Theory and History of Psychology 12 months Groningen
Religion & Theology
MA in Theology and Religious Studies: Religion and Pluralism: Ancient & Modern 12 months Groningen
MA Theology & Religious Studies: Religion, Conflict and Globalization 1 year Groningen
MA Theology and Religious Studies: Religion and Cultural Heritage Groningen
Theology & Religious Studies M.A. (research) Groningen
MSc in Population Studies Groningen
Sustainable Development
MSc in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Leeuwarden
European Economic Law 12 months Groningen
Criminal Law
Masters in Global Criminal Law 1 year Groningen
Environmental Law
Masters in Energy and Climate Law 1 year Groningen
International Law
Master of Law in Public International Law 1 year Groningen
Masters in International Commercial Law 1 year Groningen
Masters of Law in International Human Rights 1 year Groningen
Media & Communications
Masters in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT) Groningen
MSc in Human-Machine Communication Groningen
Journalism M.A. Groningen
MSc in Astronomy Groningen
Biomolecular Sciences 24 months Groningen
Evolutionary Biology M.Sc 24 months Groningen
MSc in Biology Groningen
MSc in Biomedical Sciences 24 months Groningen
MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 24 months Groningen
MSc in Nanoscience Groningen
MSc in Chemistry Groningen
Environmental Science
MSc in Ecology and Evolution 24 months Groningen
MSc in Energy and Environmental Sciences 24 months Groningen
MSc in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning Groningen
Marine Science
MSc in Marine Biology 24 months Groningen
MSc in Applied Mathematics 24 months Groningen
MSc in Mathematics Groningen
MSc in Applied physics 24 months Groningen
MSc in Physics Groningen
Teaching & Education
Educational Sciences 12 months Groningen
MSc in Pedagogic: Communication and Congenital Deafblindness Groningen
MSc Pedagogical Sciences: Ethics of Education, philosophy, history and law 12 months Groningen
Applied Linguistics: Teaching English as a Foreign Language 12 months Groningen
Masters in Applied Linguistics: TEFL Groningen
Summer / Short course
Health & Well-Being
Medical Sciences Summer School Translational Neurosciences 2 weeks Groningen
Medical Sciences Summer School: Health Aging 8 days Groningen
Medical Sciences Summer School: Translational Pediatrics 2 weeks Groningen
Medical Sciences Summer School: Transplantation Medicine 4 days Groningen
Public Health
Medical Sciences Summer School Global Health 8 days Groningen

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International students at the University of Groningen experience the Dutch concepts of punctuality, the Dutch climate, style of communication, Queens Day, and Dutch food.

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Why study at University of Groningen

We're a Top 100 University

Study at one of the world’s leading universities. Learn from the best and take advantage of exciting research opportunities. Live in a vibrant city where over a quarter of the population are students. Whatever you’re seeking from your university experience, you’ll find it in Groningen. With over 45 world-class Bachelor’s programmes and 160 highly-ranked Master’s programmes, we have a field of study for you.

Our groundbreaking research

As a student, you will be actively involved in research at one of Europe’s top research institutions from the get-go. The University of Groningen carries out ground-breaking and socially-relevant research that builds bridges between disciplines and closes the gap between science and society.

400 years of reputation

The University of Groningen is the second oldest university in the Netherlands and has built a reputation for excellence. Many talented people have passed through the university during its rich 400-year history, including Nobel Prize winners like Ben Feringa (Chemistry, 2016) and Frits Zernike (Physics, 1953). Some have been pioneers in their respective fields, such as the first female University student and the first female lecturer in the Netherlands, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Bank.

Vibrant Student Life

While its history can be traced back to 300 BC, today Groningen is a vibrant student city with the youngest population in the Netherlands – one in four people here is a student! That means there’s always something to do, with various art and music festivals, theatres, cinemas and performance venues catering to all tastes, whether you prefer to watch or want to join in. In Groningen, you’ll see students everywhere: studying in the pretty Noorderplantsoen park, working various part-time jobs and partying the night away.

Global Community

The University of Groningen attracts a large international community! Our Erasmus Student Network (ESN) conveniently facilitates all international students in Groningen and organizes over 150 activities a year. The University of Groningen has strong international connections which means that you can easily spend part of your degree studying abroad. The University also offers several unique international Master’s degree programmes in cooperation with other large European universities.

Awards & Accreditations


Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities


Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders


ranks Faculty of Economics & Business best 5% of business schools in the world

Student services & facilities

  • Library with study spaces, access to more than 80,000 e-journals, one million ebooks, three million printed books and 5000 magazines
  • Career services which prepares students for the job market with CV checks, workshops, and personal career advice
  • Language centre with courses ranging from French and Italian to Japanese and Hebrew, as well as Dutch
  • Student Service Centre offering support on study skills, psychological problems, financial matters, and studying with a functional impairment
  • ACLO, a large sports association offering up to 100 different types of sports you can participate in


The University of Groningen has three campuses spread out over two cities. In Groningen, 11 faculties are based in 150 different buildings around the city, across two campuses. If you study within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, or the Faculty of Economics and Business, you will probably attend classes at the Zernike campus in the north of the city. For the faculties of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Theology and Religious Studies, Arts, Medical Sciences, Law, Spatial Sciences, Philosophy, and University College Gronigen, the buildings are spread out across the centre of the city.

In Leeuwarden, a city nearby Groningen, you can find Campus Fryslân. This is a unique faculty as multiple disciplines are represented within the faculty.

Student lifestyle

Student life is about so much more than just preparing you for a lifetime of achievement. During your time in Groningen, you’ll get to experience everything the city has to offer, from a vibrant art and music scene to a unique, student-inspired nightlife.

Join Clubs

Whether you want to follow your passion, try a new hobby or simply make new friends, you can join one of our many student-run sports, study and student associations! From sports to culture, politics to parties, you will no doubt find an association that suits your interests.

Party Town

As the quintessential Dutch student town, Groningen offers an unparalleled nightlife, with over 150 bars and entertainment venues attracting people from far and wide. Free entrance is standard and student discounts are common, making the city the perfect place for those on a student budget. Groningen is also home to a number of world-class festivals, over 400 street art installations and many internationally renowned museums.

Young City

While Groningen is an old city with roots that can be traced back to the Iron Age, population-wise it’s one of the youngest in Europe. With an average age of 34 years, the city has a unique vibe that you won’t find elsewhere. Recently named the “biking capital of the world” it’s no surprise that Groningen has a fantastic biking infrastructure - everything is just a short bike ride away. The city itself has everything you need, from open-air street markets to popular fashion chains.

Great Base

Groningen makes an ideal base from which to launch your travel adventures. For open space and fresh air, you can go and explore the seaside or one of the Dutch islands - located just 40 km from the city centre. Most of the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, and several large German cities such as Hamburg, Bremen and Dortmund are reachable by train, car or bus in just a few hours. With Belgium, France or Denmark mere hours away by train, car, ferry or bus, and our very own Groningen-Eelde airport, you're a perfect location to travel!


Groningen is a city with a large student population which can often make finding accommodation a challenge. Students live throughout the city in different types of accommodation. These vary in price and include shared housing with other students, individual studios or apartments and with SSH - the city's independent student housing provider. The University of Groningen is not a campus university and does not offer campus accommodation. Therefore, you will need to find your own accommodation. The earlier you find accommodation, the better.

Groningen is a city with a large student population which can often make finding accommodation a challenge. Students live throughout the city in different types of accommodation. These vary in price and include shared housing with other students, individual studios or apartments and with SSH - the city's independent student housing provider. The University of Groningen is not a campus university and does not offer campus accommodation. Therefore, you will need to find your own accommodation. The earlier you find accommodation, the better.

SSH Student Housing

If you are coming to Groningen for the first time, and you apply early enough, you can rent one of the rooms the University has reserved for new international students with SSH Student Housing. SSH is a non-profit housing corporation specialised in student accommodation, with furnished rooms available for a maximum of one year.

Private accommodation

If you cannot find a place in an SSH house, there are alternatives where you can find private accommodation. The website is an initiative by the Groningen municipality, University of Groningen, and Hanze University of Applied Sciences. It provides information on housing and living in Groningen: how to find a room; financial aspects; legal matters; and address registration with the municipality. There is also the Student Hotel, which offers hotel-like rooms for up to a year. Alternatively, you can search for accommodation in the private sector.

Scholarships & funding

The university is committed to recognizing excellence in academic achievement through offering a number of scholarships for international students and researchers. Several scholarships are available for international students who are motivated to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes, as well as for exchanges, short courses and research stays at our university.

Besides scholarships awarded by the University of Groningen, a number of grants awarded by the Dutch government, the EU and (inter)national organizations, such as World Bank or the Ford Foundation, can be used for study or research at the University of Groningen as well.

To see what scholarships you may be eligible, please visit the institute website or click on Information Request. 


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I completed the MSc Human-Machine Communication (which is in the department of Artificial Intelligence) at the University of Groningen in 2016. It's a great program because it's flexible in allowing you to take the master in a number of different directions, whether you're more interested in cognitive neuroscience, modelling, engineering, lingui...
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J. Riede
This prestigious master program characterizes itself by a lot of hands on research and active training in all the skills needed to proceed as PhD in the neurosciences. Great quality and flexibility.


University of Groningen

Broerstraat 5
9712 GL Groningen
The Netherlands

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