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Study at The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is the biggest international university in Caucasus, distinguished by the disciplined educational process and modern infrastructure, enabling its students to acquire quality education and practical skills. The University is in leading ranks of regional educational institutions and is well-known and accredited in many countries including Europe and United States.and has student and professor exchange programs with more than a 100 very-known universities and scientific institutions around the world. The university has a private school from kindergarten, primary and secondary school as certified Oxford schools' member and different fields from Bachelor degree, Master and PhD in different schools of Business and Economics, Technology and Engineering, Social Science, Health and Medicine and finally School of arts and humanities with almost 9000 students from Georgia and all around the world.

Our University is a member of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) , The Bologna Follow-Up Group – BFUG , Copenhagen Declaration, (basis for the development of the mutual quality assurance framework for the education and training in Europe), ENIC-NARIC Network (EU academic recognition and mobility) ; MCI in India, MSRT recognition in Iran, Yok in Turkey and many similar educational integration and agreements. These and university aggressive research level made the university performance very outstanding in the region and degrees and diplomas are accredited around the world and highly acceptable in EU and US.

The academic Staff of the University are highly qualified, well-experienced and creative professionals dedicated to teaching creatively and with enthusiasm, helping raise young professionals with a demonstrated commitment to the public. UG is proud of its diverse community with cross-cultural awareness. Its multicultural environment shapes intelligent, educated individuals with human values capable to meet modern challenges. In addition to great professors and academic staff, we have start-up factory Job-Vacancy service center, to help students find jobs or empower and nurture their own ideas to be led to fruitful businesses, all sport fields and gyms such as Football and Bodybuilding, students clubs, UG TV Channel, Many free computer laboratories, the biggest English language lab of the country and different cafeterias in each building.

University of Georgia (UG) is always the right choice for those that seek to achieve great success in life.


As the social heart of the country, Tbilisi offers a variety of nightlife activities to suit all tastes. From cafes, restaurants and bars to theatres and nightclubs, Tbilisi is home to a thriving nightlife culture, representative of the Georgian capital’s diverse cultural and ethnic roots. Visitors to the Georgian capital will be spoilt with an abundant choice of day and night activities, great shopping experience and extraordinary culinary pleasures.

The University of Georgia is located in the city center, which allows comfortable commute options, living arrangements, easy access to a variety of shopping and a wide selection of dining spots. Upon request, the UG Office of International Student Services and International Relations readily assists the international students with issues pertaining to accommodation or any other issue regarding living in Tbilisi.

To those arriving for Summer Courses, tuition fees include the cost of shared accommodation provided by the University of Georgia.

Rents in Georgia are particularly varied. A one bedroom apartment in the center of Tbilisi is likely to cost around 600 GEL (around 250 USD) a month. A similar, small property outside of the city could be secured for around 400 (around 170 USD) GEL per month.

Dormitory options:

  • One 3 bedroom apartment – 600 USD (for maximum of 5 people)
  • Six 2 bedroom apartments – 400-450 USD (for maximum of 3-4 people)

The apartments are equipped with:

  • Furniture
  • Wi-fi
  • TV
  • AC
  • Kitchen
  • Washing Machine
  • Fridge
  • Parking


The 4th building of University of Georgia is equipped with 2 cosy cafeterias that offer a wide range of food and beverages throughout the day.

Dining at the University of Georgia is tailored to our students, staff and guests. There are many convenient options to choose from and there’s always a tasty way to satisfy your craving for something healthy.

For those who prefer to have a snack or refreshment outdoors, the Red Roof café on the top of floor of the main building of the University has an open terrace with a great view and a fun atmosphere where students hang out with friends.

The nearby area of the University offers a wide range of restaurants, including fast food and take-out.

Traditional Georgian feast is called “Supra”. The list of dishes that will charm you at the “Supra” is endless, yet some of them should be distinguished:

  • Khachapuri – Georgian cheese bread;
  • Pkhaleuli – vegetarian dishes from a variety of spiced plants and vegetables;
  • Satsivi – chicken or turkey in a walnut sauce;
  • Khinkali –Juicy meat dumplings are made to be eaten by hand;
  • Mtsvadi – Georgian barbeque;
  • Churchkhela – walnuts on a thread repeatedly dipped into a hot grape mixture, then hung to dry and harden in natural conditions.

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