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University of Brescia

The University of Brescia is a medium-size university, modern and productive like the region of Italy in which it is located. It offers quality programs and competitive research in areas related to Health, Law, Engineering and Economics. The University’s aim is to continuously improve the quality of life of people and the environment of Brescia, Italy, and the world at large, by generating integrated cultural and technical knowledge and by providing training and tools to address the challenges of our times. The University of Brescia is engaged in various collaborative networks, both nationally and internationally

In July 2013, the University of Brescia (UniBS) resolved to become Italy's first thematic university, with the theme of population Health&Wealth. This vocation, drawn from the different subject areas of the University, is planned in various scientific areas, including those of technology, medicine and biology, law and economics, ethics, regulations and culture.


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