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Tian Jin University Campus

Tianjin University

Tianjin University is the oldest institution of higher education in the modern history of China. Founded in 1895 as Peiyang University, Tianjin University’s 125-year history is the epitome of the progress of modern Chinese higher education, embodying the Chinese people’s indomitability through challenging times. During its growth spanning three centuries, the University has been a pioneer in several fields, from the first aero engine in China to the first Hydraulics Laboratory established in China.

TJU has been committed to the mission of revitalizing China through education ever since its foundation, and is a pioneer of modern higher education. TJU proudly upholds the motto "Seeking Truth from Facts" while the faculty follows the guideline of precise learning and strict teaching.

To this day, over 200,000 outstanding individuals have been educated at TJU. Graduates have contributed greatly to the progress in science and technology as well as to the prosperity of the country. TJU has been a National Key University since 1959 when the first 16 universities were designated by the government.

TJU has grown to become an internationally recognized research university with distinctive qualities and strengths in education, research, and social service. TJU has one of the most active on-campus communities in China. Students and faculty are proud to be a member of the big family and have respect for one and another.

A variety of extracurricular activities are offered through dozens of student groups and organizations such as the Peiyang Arts Troupe, Youth Volunteer Association, International Student Association, and many other clubs around the campus. TJU also offers social events such as the Weekend Concert, Robot Festival, International Cultural Festival, and sports events. The campus provides a unique and supportive environment in which students can learn and grow while enjoying life on campus.


Scholarships & funding

Tianjin offers international students comprehensive scholarships to cover tuition and living costs during their studies. With a scholarship, registration fees, tuition, laboratory fees, internship placements and accommodation fees on campus are exempted. The duration of the scholarship is the same as the duration of studies, which is confirmed when students are accepted to Tianjin University.


  • Students in Weijin Road Campus are accommodated in three dormitory centers, namely, Liulitai dormitory area, Qilitai dormitory area, and Pengxiang apartment. About 10,000 registered students live in those thirteen dormitory buildings.

  • Peiyang Park Campus contains 24 residential blocksfor residences with 20,000 students living in there around different schools and they stand close by teaching areas, dining halls and on-campus stores, which emphasises the idea that students are the focus of the university. Dormitory buildings are analogous to the courtyard enclosed with four small buildings as the edges. The names of each house – Ge Yuan, Zhi Yuan(知园), Cheng Yuan, Zheng Yuan, Xiu Yuan, Qi Yuan, Zhi Yuan(治园), and Ping Yuan – are derived from the eight steps for self-perfection inThe Book of RitesandThe Great learning: Learn from nature (gewu-格物), pursue the truth (zhizhi-致知), be honest to your heart (chengyi-诚意), maintain temperance (zhengxin-正心), perfect your personality (xiushen-修身), harmonize your family (qijia-齐家), manage your country (zhiguo-治国) and restore peace to the world (pingtianxia-平天下). 


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