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Who are we?

ThinkSpace Education is an online provider of postgraduate degree courses for those looking to develop careers in the music and creative industries. With a 95% graduation rate, we know how to deliver innovative and engaging online education with exceptional professional outcomes for our graduates.

Everyone at ThinkSpace does what they teach for a living. We are a community of creative professionals here to help you achieve your goals.

Why Study Online at ThinkSpace Education?


Studying at ThinkSpace Education gives you the option to study from home, maintain family life, and keep your current career whilst learning and developing new skills.


Many employers are being more flexible with remote employees. If you plan to go into a freelance career as an artist, composer, or sound designer, then working from home is a key skill to develop anyway.

Our courses are also incredibly career focussed, teaching you skills you'll need right at the start of your new career.

Expert Tutors:

If you study at a regular university, you are limited to the expertise of those who live in the area. Something we strive to do is employ people who are the best for the job, regardless of their location. We have access to industry professionals from all over the world.

Is online learning as good as conventional learning?

A key part of the student experience is interacting with other like-minded students, and we are constantly working to improve student interaction. The highlight of this is our discord community. This is where students get involved in group projects, discuss assignments, share resources and generally stay in touch.

You also have regular 1-to-1 meetings with a tutor, on top of group sessions and webinars.

As a student on any of our courses, you get access to all of our learning materials - that's our degree and non-degree courses. If your interest is in one area of study, but you've always wanted to get a working knowledge of other aspects of the industry, you are able to use these additional resources.

Scholarships & funding

ThinkSpace Education tries to provide exceptional value to all students both in the UK and the rest of the world. Our fee structure is very competitive and, as such, does not allow us as much room for bursaries or scholarships as some providers. However, on occasion, we do award part scholarships to exceptionally talented applicants, particularly those from disadvantaged or under-represented groups, to help them fulfil their potential.

If you would like to be considered, please make this clear in your application by filling in the accompanying 'Bursary Application Form', and if you want more information about this feel free to reach out.


Why study at ThinkSpace Education

Studying at ThinkSpace Education gives you the flexibility to pursue career goals and keep up with family life whilst gaining a postgraduate degree. As many of you may be looking to develop freelance careers alongside, or after, your studies anyway, this is great practice for working in your own space and being responsible for your own deadlines.

The tutors we have at ThinkSpace Education are truly some of the best from around the world. We are not limited to the expertise of those around a local campus, so we have recruited some of the best musicians, sound designers, orchestrators, and industry pros from all over the UK, USA, and Europe. Our tutors truly come from all areas of the music industry and no matter what you want to focus on there is likely a tutor who can help you achieve that goal.

We don't leave you totally to your own devices, and we do regularly interact with and check-up on our students as part of their studies, but the skills needed to study online are very similar to those you need to develop your own careers in the music industry.

ThinkSpace Education is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2023 Top 10 Global rankings 2023 badge


Our online campus is entirely custom, and nearly all aspects of your course can be managed from inside this Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You will have access to all your assignments, reading materials, and tutorial videos, as well as the ability to book 1-to-1 tutorials and submit support tickets at any time.

As you progress through the course, your modules will automatically unlock so you know what you are meant to be working on and when. You will also have access to your student calendar, where you can keep track of your assignments deadlines and see upcoming webinars.

A lot of work goes into this system, and we are constantly updating it with new features. If you would like to see a new feature added you are able to write in and discuss this with us. We are always responding to the needs of students so if we agree it is beneficial to your studies and the student experience we will begin work on implementing these features.

Student lifestyle

Life as a student can be drastically different when studying online. That said, a core aspect of any course is being able to seamlessly interact with your fellow students - both socially and academically. This is something we are always working to improve, and one aspect we are very proud of is our thriving Discord community.

There's voice and chat channels, so students to share their work, share deals and sales, hang out socially, and just post memes (yes, there's dedicated channels for that too...).

We have support channels for all major DAWs and software so it's a great option if you need a quick solution to some technical issues.


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Ray H.

I chose Thinkspace because of a good reputation on some music forums and because they are a lot less expensive than Berklee and some others. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the Masters in Orchestration. The course is great and I am learning so much. The webinars and course materials are great but the real meat of the course is in the ass...

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Michael B

To say that this is life changing would not be an understatement. The attention to detail, expert advice by industry professionals and the connection from education to business is all part of this wonderful package. My recent successes are all because of TSE.

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