Quality, Environment, and Safety in Construction Settings

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About this program

Quality, Environment, and Safety in Construction Settings

Quality, environment, safety and health are basic business management elements that ensure all regulatory and contract requirements are met adequately. They are also essential efficiency, client satisfaction and loyalty tools.

This Master’s degree is designed to provide an ample view of all these concepts and a deep understanding of their application in design and implementation.

The program has been developed by highly experienced professionals to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary capabilities to establish and manage quality, environment, safety and health systems. It also aims at contributing to business strategic finance, HHRR, social, natural and reputation objectives.

Program content

Module I Quality Management. Quality Assurance

  • Unit 1:Quality Principles
  • Unit 2: Quality Management System
  • Unit 3: Quality-Related Activities
  • Unit 4: Quality Monitoring and Measurement

Module II Quality Control in Project Design and Implementation

  • Unit 1: Risks, the Planning Process, and Introduction to Quality Planning in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Detailed Quality Planning and its Application During Project Implementation
  • Unit 3: Part I: Building and Urban Development Quality and Water Treatment
  • Unit 4: Quality Control in Construction Works

Module III Environmental Management in Construction Projects

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Environmental Management Systems in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Government and Environmental Management Planning in Construction Projects
  • Unit 3: Support and Operational Processes in Environmental Management Systems
  • Unit 4: Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Environmental Management Systems. External Certification

Module IV Environmental Control at a Construction Site

  • Unit 1: Environmental Management Basics in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Environmental Impact Preventive Measures in Construction Projects I (Various)
  • Unit 3: Environmental Impact Preventive Measures in Construction Projects II (Water and Soil)
  • Unit 4: Waste Management

Module V Health and Safety Control at a Construction Site

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Labor Risk Prevention: Safety at Work I
  • Unit 2: Safety at Work II
  • Unit 3: Safety at Work III. Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Psycho-Sociology
  • Unit 4: Labor Risk Prevention Management

Module VI Health and Safety Management

  • Unit 1: ISO 45001 – Basic Concepts
  • Unit 2: Planning and Communication
  • Unit 3: Operational Control
  • Unit 4: Continual Improvement

Module VII Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management Systems. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Construction Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Unit 2: Government and planning of an Integrated Management System in construction
  • Unit 3: Risks, Objectives, and Support Processes. Operational Planning
  • Unit 4: Performance assessment and improvement in a iMS

Module VIII Sustainable Construction

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sustainable Construction
  • Unit 2: Environmental Certification of Buildings
  • Unit 3: Other Building and Civil Works Certifications
  • Unit 4: Environmental Certification Infraestructures. Envision

Module IX Business Social Responsibility

  • Unit 1: RSE (Business Social Responsibility) / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). A New Business Management Approach
  • Unit 2: CSR Interest Groups and Dimensions – Part 1
  • Unit 3: CSR Dimensions – Part 2
  • Unit 4: Management and Communication Tools

Module X Master's Final Project (MFP)

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available, Please check the institute website for more information.


Tuition fee: 6.490,00 €


Credits: 60 ECTS

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