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Sports Academy AarhusSports Academy AarhusThe Sports Academy Aarhus allows young, elite athletes to experience a daily life suited for the demands in the world of elite sport. Athlete-students live life at the school as a professional.

The Sports Academy Aarhus provides high level sports challenges while focusing on the big picture with all the needs of an athlete, like individual coaching, planning of career and educational guidance.

At the Sports Academy Aarhus students explore the life of elite sport with a social security net. This professional and individually oriented approach is combined with the environment of the Folk High School which secures the development of social skills as well as building a network among other young athletes.

There are many international students at the school: between 15 and 20 percent are international students from all over the world from places like Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Bosnia.

Most students at Sports Academy Aarhus come from the EU countries Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta, Cypress.

Students who are crazy about sports and interested in meeting new friends while trying out the Danish culture will find a great education at the Sports Academy Aarhus.


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Youth Sports Leader Education On campus Aarhus

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