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South China Normal University

Study at South China Normal University in Guangzhou

Built in 1933, South China Normal University (SCNU) is a comprehensive university established by the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province. As a 211 project key university, SCNU is located in Guangzhou and has three campuses: Shipai Campus, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Campus, and Nanhai Campus.

SCNU was one of the first universities in China able to admit foreign students, and is the recipient of the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Confucius Institute Scholarship, and one of the first "Chinese Cultural Propagation and Inheritance Base" assigned by Guangdong Government.

SCNU now has 27 colleges and research institutes, offering 84 undergraduate majors, more than 200 master programs and over 100 doctoral programs of 12 disciplines, including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, agriculture, art, and medical science. Psychology, science of sports, and education rank top 10 in the national ranking. Chemistry, plant and animal science, engineering and mathematics is among top 1% in ESI global ranking.

SCNU strives to become a teaching-oriented research university. It has a staff team of experts and scholars who are recognized nationally and internationally. The faculty of more than 1,900 is comprised of 500 professors and 1,218 PhD candidates. SCNU strives to value personal development in order to prepare students for their future professional careers. Graduates of SCNU will be equipped with knowledge and critical thinking skills, a global vision, and an innovative spirit.

SCNU currently has 33,229 full-time students, with more than 1,300 international students each year. SCNU has long been active in international exchange and collaboration. The university has established links with over 150 overseas universities and scientific research institutions and is now conducting diverse student exchange programs and joint-degree programs with more than 50 universities.

With a history 30-year of Chinese education for non-Chinese speakers, a well developed Chinese course curriculum is offered to international students. In recent years, the university has built three Confucius Institutes with Coquitlam in Canada, Universite de La Reunion in France, and University of Latvijias to extend our Chinese education service overseas. SCNU is dedicated to creating a rich learning environment for both teaching and academic research in order to foster a unique and diverse campus culture. 


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