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Educate yourself as a Sexologist & Couple Therapist plus Specialist

Are you interested in sexuality, relationships, communication and psychology - and would you like to help others to a better life with themselves and with their partner? Then the education as a Sexologist & Couple Therapist - plus Specialist, is just the thing for you.

The School of Sexology offers Sexologist education and Couple Therapist education with a focus on the whole person at a high professional level. An internationally high professional level in modern sexology and couple therapy and a curriculum that contains the ingredients needed to become a skilled therapist are characteristic of the educations at the School of Sexology. 

You learn that as a Sexologist and Couple Therapist

In the sexologist and couple therapist educations, you learn about:

  • to provide therapy and advise on relationships, single life and sexuality in the sexologist education
  • to guide around love life and to give lectures on men and women and sex in the sexology education
  • to provide therapy, guide and give the relationship a helping hand in the couple therapist education
  • to guide when the 'spark' disappears, we experience failure, infidelity or serious illness

Sexology and Couple Therapy - two important professional groups that have come to stay!

Today, many singles and couple use both sexologists and couple therapists, and relationship problems are no longer taboo! Going to a Sexologist & Couple Therapist, on the other hand, is today an expression that you actively take a stand for and responsibility for your relationship, love life, intimate life and sex life.

A meaningful job you can have all your life - full time or part-time.

Being a Sexologist & Couple Therapist is a rewarding job where you every day help people, individuals and couple, to become wiser about their relationships, love life and sex life. It is a rewarding and meaningful job and works that you can have all your life, full time or combined with the job you already have.  

There is a need for more skilled Sexologists & Couple Therapists - both men and women!

There is a need for more skilled and well-trained sexologists & couple therapists. We recommend that you study both educations, and preferably at the same time, as most do. That way you can finish both educations, and fully-trained Sexologist & Couple therapist within 2 years. You have both clients, supervision and self-therapy 1: 1 and in groups, during the educations. This will ensure that you become really skilled at your job so that you can come out and help all the people who really need your help and knowledge!

At the School of Sexology, we give you the knowledge and the training and therapeutic, as well as clinical review and learning that is needed for you to stand strong - and know that you are both professionally and personally equipped to function as a professional, competent and contemporary Sexologist, Couple Therapist and Specialist.

Here you will find the Sexology School's Therapists

You will find the Sexology School's examined and certified Sexologists, Couple Therapists and Specialists in health centres, cancer wards, sexology clinics, psychologist houses, sexologist houses, as self-employed people with their own clinics or the like. joint clinics, as authors, as columnists/columnists/letterbox editors, as lecturers, as lecturers, as specialists and experts in sexology/couple therapy, in the HR departments in companies, as consultants in the business world, among others sexual politics etc. 

Renowned sexologist, Yazmin Fox, teacher and founder

Mød kvinden bag Sexologiskolen, Yazmin Fox

Yazmin Fox Eisen is the founder of the School of Sexology and she has for more than 26 years working as a teacher and therapist in sexology and couple therapy, East and West. Yazmin Fox is the main developer of the school's 11 educations, a total of 7 1/2 years of learning. Yazmin also teaches in all the programs, in addition to the other 54 teachers. 

Yazmin is educated in general and clinical sexology at the University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Psychology. In addition to teaching at the School of Sexology, she works daily as a sexologist and couple therapist with individual counselling and couple therapy.

Sexologist Yazmin Fox Eisen in the media

Yazmin is the author of the DVD "Erotic Tantra - your guide to a better sex life" and guest teacher at the University of Gothenburg. She has also made radio for Danmarks Radio P1 and P3 and written articles for Berlingske Tidende, Tidens Kvinder, Gravid and Alt for Damerne. Appeared in February and May in DR 'Ha det godt'.

The School of Sexology is one of the largest schools in modern sexology and couple therapy in the Nordic countries. With its 4 schools in all the Scandinavian countries and 11 educations, the school offers the opportunity to move out into virtually all corners of sexology and couple therapy. The sexology school offers education for a total of 7 1/2 years.  

The School of Sexology has a total of 55 competent teachers, which we consider to be some of the best Nordic teachers in their respective fields. The students will therefore meet those we think are the best lecturers from Denmark as well as from the other Nordic countries.

The sexology school offers specialist education

If you complete both educations at the same time, you save DKK 20,000 on the total price. At the same time, you get broad professionalism within sex and couple therapy, which you can expand with advantage with one or more of the Sexology School's specialist educations:

  • Specialist in vaginal-therapy
  • Specialist in tantra yoga
  • Specialist in didactic sexology and communication
  • Specialist in business sexology and coaching
  • Specialist in Ayurveda massage
  • Specialist i religierings-terapi
  • Specialist in detox and vitality
  • Specialist in parental relationship therapy
  • Fertility therapy specialist

You can train as a sexologist and couple therapist in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo and Stockholm. The 9 specialist educations/masterclasses are held at the Sexology School Copenhagen and some at the Sexology School Aarhus. 

Free intro evenings with sexological topic

The sexology school regularly holds free introductory evenings, where we tell about the school's 11 educations. There you will meet the school's management and here you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the educations. You will find dates for introductory evenings on our website. There is a team start on the main educations couple therapist and sexologist, approx once a year. The 9 Specialist educations / Masterclasses start on average every 2 years. 

    If you want to hear more about our educations for sexologist and couple therapist, you are welcome to contact the School of Sexology today!

    You will find the School of Sexology in 7 Cities

    Copenhagen, Aarhus, Nuuk, Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavik and Torshavn. Divided into 6 Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Plus theInternational Line, Sexologist and Couple Therapist.


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      Want to know more about a program? Choose a program from the list and fill out the form, including any questions you have. This information will be sent directly to the school, and a representative will respond to your enquiry.


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