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Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

The Scuola Normale Superiore is a public institute for higher education that in its two centuries of life has earned itself a special place, both in Italy and abroad, a place characterized by merit, talent and scientific rigor.  Two types of course are available: the undergraduate course and the PhD course.The teaching activity is distributed among three academic structures: the Faculty of Humanitiesthe Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, placed in Pisa, and the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences,located in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. 

The institutional aim of the Scuola is to promote the development of culture, teaching and research in the sciences and the humanities. This particular purpose is achieved by exploring the interconnections between these two areas. This important aim is also obtained through a very high level of university and post-university education, as well as continuing and recurring training, giving priority to the relationship between education and research.The final purpose of the Scuola is to transmit the acquired abilities to the public administration and to the world of professions.

The traditional areas of study are the Humanities (History of Art and Archaeology, Modern  and Contemporary Literature, Philosophy, History and Philology) and  Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology). The Ph.D course includes the study of the social and political sciences.


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