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Graduates of the Degree Course in Nursing must: Possess adequate knowledge in the basic sciences, clinical and nursing for a better understanding of the most important elements that are at the base of the physiological and pathological processes to which their preventive, assistance and therapeutic education Having the ability to deal with problems with a unified vision also including the psychological and socio-cultural dimension of health- -disease processes. Possessing knowledge appropriate to the ethical, deontological and juridical dimensions of their work.

Admission requirements

The admission test is open to:

  • EU and non-EU candidates as per art. 39, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree of July 25, 1998, no. 286, holding an upper secondary school diploma. Candidates holding a four-year upper secondary school who turned out to be successful, shall fulfil no. 20 ECTS;
  • non-EU candidates residing abroad, holding the “University enrolment” student visa for the 2020-2021 academic year and an upper secondary school diploma

For more information about admission requirements, please visit the university website.

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Program content

First year

  • Basic cellular morphology and function
  • Fundament of organs morfology and function
  • Fundament of Nursing Science
  • Morphological and functional fundamentals of the human body
  • Basic Pathophysiological Mechanisms
  • Social and Psicological Process of Human Being
  • Nursing and Clinical Methods
  • Nursing Internship I

Second year

  • Nursing Diagnostic Terapeutic and Reabilitative Processes
  • Nursing process and therapeutic care in the medical area
  • Nursing process and therapeutic care in the physical and psychological disabilities
  • Nursing process and therapeutic care in maternal and pediatric area
  • Nursing process and therapeutic care in surgical area
  • Nursing Internship II

Third year

  • Nursing in the assistence of the critic area
  • Nursing Methodology Based on Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Legal principles applied to the organization and management of nursing
  • Nursing Internship III
  • Seminar activities
  • Professional lab
  • To the knowledge of at least one foreign language

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the university website for more information.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for this program is €1000 per year. 


Learning outcomes

Course's educational training has specific learning outcomes, to the achievement of which contribute the knowledge (know), the aptitude, and the practical abilities (know how). More in detail, the goals are aimed at obtaining a nurse able to:

  • independently and responsibly manage preventive and healthcare interventions towards persons, families, and communities;
  • manage nursing to patients (children, adults, and old people);
  • manage nursing to patients with chronic diseases and disabilities;
  • guarantee a safe administration of therapy and supervision its efficacy;
  • carry out the nursing techniques established in the Degree programs;
  • make decisions on the basis of patient's conditions, the altered values of parameters, medical reports, and laboratory exams;
  • manage the diagnosis guaranteeing the patient's proper preparation and the following supervision;
  • integrate nursing in the multidisciplinary care project;
  • check, with structured and systematic techniques and methods, the patient's problems by identifying the alterations of functional models (activity and exercise, health perception and conservation, nutrition and metabolism, elimination model, rest and sleep, cognition and perception, concept of self, role and relations, stress coping and management, sexuality and reproduction, values and convictions;
  • activate and support the patient's remaining abilities to promote the adaptation to the limits and alterations caused by the illness, as well as to the changes of lifestyles;
  • identify patient's nursing needs and his/her reactions to the illness, therapies, institutionalisation, changes in everyday activities, and perceived quality of life;
  • establish the priority of the interventions on the basis of the healthcare needs, the organisational needs, and the best use of the available resources;
  • plan and realise, cooperating with other professionals, information and educational interventions of risk factors control towards individuals and groups;
  • evaluate the outcomes of the assistance given and readapt the nursing planning on the basis of the evolution of the patient's problems;
  • supervision the healthcare activities assigned to the support staff;
  • manage the information systems, both on paper and digital, of assistance support;
  • document the nursing in accordance with legal and ethical principles;
  • give to the patient and his/her closest persons important and update information on his/her health state;
  • arrange the conditions for the patient's discharge by cooperating with the team members;
  • use tools of professional integration (team meetings and case discussion);
  • work in an integrated way within the team respecting the competence spaces of each one;
  • ensure an effective physical and psychosocial environment for the patient's safety;
  • use the protection procedures from the physical, chemical, and biological risk in the work environments;
  • adopt preventive measures for the manual movement of loads;
  • adopt preventive measures for contagious risk (standard preventive measures) in hospitals and communities;
  • supervise and monitor the patient's clinical and psychosocial situation, early identifying signals of worsening;
  • activate the interventions needed to manage severe and/or critical situations;
  • detect the factors that cause a new worsening in chronic patients;
  • activate and manage a helping and therapeutic relationship with the patient and his/her relatives and closest persons;
  • manage the healthcare processes in the respect of cultural, ethnical, generational, and gender differences;
  • support, in cooperation with the team, the patient and his/her family in the terminal stage and when he/she dies;
  • activate informal healthcare networks to support the patient and his/her family in projects of long-term therapies;
  • manage and support the patient and his/her family in home care and hospital-territory continuity;
  • activate and support cross research procedures and procedures of Evidence Based Practice (EBP).

Continuing studies

Graduates can pursue a further education by enrolling in Masters Degree programss, after passing an admission test organised by universities, first level Professional Master Courses, and Specialisation Courses. After obtaining the Masters degree, they can enrol in second level Professional Master Courses and PhD programss.

Career opportunities

They can operate, upon registration into the Professional Association (IPASVI), in public and private hospitals of any sort. They can also operate in other local, national, and European structures, or work as freelancers.

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