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Join a vibrant community teeming with students, experts, and specialists across all fields at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Offering the perfect environment to pursue your passions, RIT offers an intersection of disciplines for you to launch your career.

The student body at RIT consists of approximately 15,400 undergraduate and 3,200 graduate students. Enrolled students represent all 50 states and more than 100 countries. There are 3,200 students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and 2,685 international students enrolled giving you a truly international atmosphere. 

For more than 30 years, RIT has been recognized for educational quality and value in U.S. News & World Report. RIT has traditionally been listed among the top 10 regional universities since the magazine started its annual ranking of colleges in 1983.

Cooperative education

RIT provides paid career-related work experience in many degree programs. RIT has the fourth-oldest and one of the largest cooperative education programs in the world, annually placing more than 4,100 students in more than 6,100 co-op assignments with more than 2,100 employers across the United States and overseas.

Innovative specialized programs

Few universities provide RIT’s variety of career-oriented studies. RIT’s unmatched array of academic programs attracts designers, artists, photographers, and filmmakers on the one hand, and scientists, engineers, computing scientists, and entrepreneurs on the other. When these “left-brain and right-brain” students engage with RIT’s outstanding faculty, a learning environment is created where innovation and creativity flourish.

Outstanding facilities

Rochester Institute of Technology's strong reputation for state-of-the-art academic facilities is rightly earned. RIT has invested more than $300 million in the renovation and construction of new academic and student life facilities over the past few years to accomplish a remarkable transformation. You’ll find outstanding facilities and equipment in every area of campus, and our commitment to student success ensures that these facilities are accessible when you need them.

Engaging faculty

Excelling in research and excelling in teaching, our faculty are passionate about their disciplines and their role in both the lab and the classroom. They are innovative and resourceful. They engage students in the process of discovery and the contribution of new knowledge to their fields.


Master's degree
Art & Design
Architecture Length Location
Master of Architecture 1 year Rochester
Arts Management
Visual Arts–All Grades (Art Education) MST 2 years Rochester
Fine Art
Ceramics MFA 2 years Rochester
Fine Arts Studio MFA 2 years Rochester
Glass MFA 2 years Rochester
Imaging Arts—Photography MFA 2 years Rochester
Medical Illustration MFA 2 years Rochester
Metals and Jewelry Design MFA 2 years Rochester
Graphic Design
Computer Graphic Design MFA 2 years Rochester
Graphic Design MFA 2 years Rochester
Industrial Design
Furniture Design MFA 2 years Rochester
Industrial Design MFA 2 years Rochester
MS in Product Development 2 years Rochester
Business Administration
Business Administration-Fast Track One-Year MBA 1 year Rochester
MBA 1 year Rochester
MBA Accounting 1 year Rochester
Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures MS 2 years Rochester
Accounting MS 2 years Rochester
Computational Finance MS 2 years Rochester
MS in Finance 1 year Rochester
Human Resources
MS Human Resource Development 2 years Rochester
Manufacturing Leadership MS 2 years Rochester
MS Management 1 year Rochester
MS Service Leadership & Innovation 1 year Rochester
Computer Science & IT
Computer Engineering MS 2 years Rochester
Computing Security MS 2 years Rochester
MS Networking & Systems Administration 1 year Rochester
Game Design & Development
Game Design and Development MS 2 years Rochester
Information Technology
Human-Computer Interaction MS 2 years Rochester
Information Sciences and Technologies MS 2 years Rochester
Software Engineering
Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS 2 years Rochester
Software Engineering MS 2 years Rochester
Telecommunications Engineering Technology MS 2 years Rochester
Engineering & Technology
ME Engineering Management 2 years Rochester
Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering
MS in Bioinformatics 2 years Rochester
Construction Management MS 2 years Rochester
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering MS 2 years Rochester
ME in Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering Rochester
MS in Microelectronic Engineering 2 years Rochester
Industrial Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering ME 2 years Rochester
Industrial and Systems Engineering MS 2 years Rochester
MS in Packaging Science 2 years Rochester
MS in Sustainable Systems 1 year Rochester
Material Engineering
MS Materials Science and Engineering 2 years Rochester
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering ME/MS 2 years Rochester
Health & Well-Being
Public Health
Health Care Interpretation MS 2 years Rochester
Health Systems Administration MS 2 years Rochester
Humanities & Culture
Professional Studies MS 2 years Rochester
Criminal Justice MS 2 years Rochester
Experimental Psychology MS 2 years Rochester
School Psychology MS 2 years Rochester
Sustainable Development
ME/MS Sustainable Engineering 1 year Rochester
Media & Communications
MS Communication & Media Technologies 1 year Rochester
MS Print Media 1 year Rochester
Visual Communication Design MFA 2 years Rochester
Film Production
Film and Animation MFA 2 years Rochester
Color Science MS 2 years Rochester
MS in Imaging Science 2 years Rochester
Science, Technology and Public Policy MS 2 years Rochester
MS Chemistry 2 years Rochester
Environmental Science
Environmental, Health & Safety Management MS 2 years Rochester
MS Environmental Science 1 year Rochester
Applied and Computational Mathematics MS 2 years Rochester
Applied Statistics MS 2 years Rochester
MS Astrophysical Sciences and Technology 2 years Rochester
Teaching & Education
Special Education
Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing MS 2 years Rochester
Tourism & Hospitality
Tourism Management
MS Hospitality-Tourism Management 1 year Rochester
Doctorate / PhD
Computer Science & IT
Information Technology
Computing and Information Sciences PhD Rochester
Software Engineering
Microsystems Engineering PhD Rochester
Engineering & Technology
Engineering PhD Rochester
Humanities & Culture
Sustainable Development
Sustainability PhD Rochester
Color Science PhD Rochester
Imaging Science PhD Rochester
Mathematical Modeling PhD Rochester
Astrophysical Sciences and Technology PhD Rochester

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Watch to learn about the history of RIT and the international campuses around the world.


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