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Welcome to Polish Open University

The Polish Open University has pioneered a new learning methodology to successfully address the challenges that students will face in an ever-more competitive and fast changing world.

Based on their many years of research and practice in their respective fields of education and econometrics, the founders of POU understood the limitations of teaching business through books and passive, albeit interesting lectures. The debate regarding how to improve the quality of business education has been an on-going source of controversy for more than fifty years. The criticism often leveled at business schools is that studies are often too theorectical in nature and that schools fail to impart the practical skills necessary for future practitioners. With new business trends evolving at an ever faster pace and qualitative and quantitative knowlegde expected to double every seventy-three days by 2012, the call for a new model of business education can no longer be ignored.

To address this need for change, POU was conceived as a school dedicated to a student-centric approach to teaching and which actively encourages innovation. The core of the instruction is conducted in workshop sessions, where students are challenged to work in groups, as well as individually in order to resolve current business issues. Relevant knowledge and theory are important elements of instruction but students are encouraged to use their creativity to challenge conventional wisdom in order to better demonstrate their command of the subject matter. Competency, interpersonal skills, the ability to master change and being able to judge the potential for new ideas are central to POU's instruction. Business like other subject matters today requires a committment to life-long learning and a willingness to take greater responsibility for personal development. Polish Open University empowers its students to meet today's challenges and better prepares them for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Polish Open University offers its respective courses to US, European and Indian students. Find out more from by browsing the course desciptions listed below.

The Warsaw Campus of Polish Open University

The Warsaw Campus is located in the capital city of Warsaw ( in district of Mokotów). As on other campuses of the University, the students can take advantage of a variety of facilities such as: lecture halls, multimedia resource rooms, computer labs, a library and restaurant. The students can register for full-time and part-time programmes.



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