Brand Communication
14 months
Full time
Master's degree

About this program

Brand Communication

This Specializing Master strives to train professionals skilled in coordinating the communication processes that occur in communication enterprises, on strategic and creative terms, within new technological contexts.The learning itinerary traverses all the features of communication design, focusing especially on the set of factors that enable students to build brand equity, the true core of the communication process. Training calls for effective career-building preparation at both the individual and the group levels, particularly developing aptitude for teamwork, a distinctive feature of communication professions.

The Number of Admitted Students is 32.

Admission requirements

Admission to the Specializing Master depends on an assessment of the candidate’s documents submitted upon application and on the selection process at which the CV and an individual interview are evaluated.

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Program content

Didactic Modules

Area 1: General training (Introduction)

This module deals with brand development (brand identity and brand equity) in contemporary society’s economic and cultural context. This first part intends to let participants reach a common ground regarding their knowledge, from which they will be able to tackle the modules relating to specialized training.

  • New trends in communication;
  • Brand value (brand identity & brand equity)
  • Brand reputation;
  • From storytelling to story being: the rise of purpose-driven marketing.

Area 2: Specialized training

Development of the study of the skills necessary to deal with the different roles involved in the strategic communication project of the brand, starting from the Marketing area. Then, there will be a deeper look into the advertising and creative processes at the basis of the work in the agency. Finally, the study of the structures and roles that characterize the world of media (offline and online) will be discussed.

Marketing, communication, society (CSR) 

This module deals with methods and tools for reading and interpreting the needs of an evolving market and defining a brand’s strategic positioning.

  • Communication as a strategic business asset;
  • Marketing fundamentals;
  • The marketing strategy and plan;
  • Marketing data and research;
  • How to communicate sustainability;
  • Mapping personas and the customer journey;
  • The customer experience as a strategic lever.

Advertising and agency processes (Strategy):

This module explains how an innovative strategy and communication campaigns can be developed, starting with brand identity, market positioning and target audience objectives.

  • The structure of the communication agency;
  • The roles in the communication area;
  • Situational analysis and consumer insight;
  • Positioning;
  • Copy strategy.

Account and strategic planning (Strategy):

The lectures describe the communication market and the different professional roles trained by the Master’s course.

The speakers will talk about their profession and its evolution in a changing market, highlighting the hard/soft skills and attitudes needed to meet contemporary challenges.

  • Strategic brand thinking;
  • Work plan and communication strategies;
  • Role and functions of the account;
  • Role and function of the digital account;
  • Role and functions of the strategic planner;
  • Strategic models;
  • Strategic planning.


This module deals with the best suited methods and tools to achieve the campaign objectives, according to their contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication plan.

The module also includes a part that explains how to implement a digital-driven approach for the elaboration of go-to-market strategies.

  • Specifically, you will learn the fundamentals of media and content design across digital and physical touchpoints.
  • Stages of the media process. Media surveys. Audience measurements and media indicators;
  • Advertising investments and Competitive Analysis with Nielsen data;
  • Target Analysis with Synoptics (socio-demo variables, consumption, lifestyles, trends);
  • Scenario, planning and post-buy of TV, web, radio, press, and outdoor;
  • New advertising communication vehicles: Facebook and Google;
  • Negotiation techniques;
  • Strategic media planning;
  • Measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in traditional and digital media;
  • Programmatic;
  • Digital Go-To-Market.

Creativity (Strategic Creativity):

This module will discuss how a creative and strategic approach, based on data, research and storytelling, enables the development of innovative content and strategies.

  • Branded Entertainment;
  • Gaming and Communication;
  • Creativity and Web 3.0;
  • Transmedia Design;
  • The role of awards – The most significant international awards;
  • The art of competition;
  • Information overload: How to build your own information/training path


  • Production company: the role of the producer;
  • Events and event budgets;
  • PR – strategies.


This module aims to show how to manage processes and teamwork to achieve efficient and effective project results.

  • Leadership;
  • Team building;
  • Public Speaking.


Total tuition fee: €13,000


The training outcome is professionalism in enterprise communication, including the capacity to coordinate and oversee communication processes.  Students deal with the various facets of designing strategies for building and publicizing a brand by studying the different skill sets involved: account manager, strategic planner, brand manager, and media manager.  They acquire  a capacity for vision, for organizing and managing complex communication projects, for crossover work, and for understanding the economic dynamics of today’s markets.  They also hone their skills at spotting trends, fashions, customs, individual behavior, and group behavior, in a continuous process of learning and transferring acquired skills.  Current market demand seeks to identify a professional who can interact with the other professionals throughout the communication process.  What is required, specifically, is a kind of professional who is fully cognizant of all the nuances of communication operations, able to ensure that communication objectives are attained, ready to embark on a route to streamlining without giving up the emotional features of the message, attuned to the communication trends and needs the company is expressing, and aware of the ethical facets of communication.

Degree Awarded

Specializing Master Diploma in “Brand Communication: Planning, Building, and Managing a Brand” from the Politecnico di Milano.

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