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Bachelor's Degree in International Relations

Nebrija University
Program overview
4 years
Bachelor's degree
Scholarships available
Spanish, English
Start dates
Visit the program webpage for details

Visit the program webpage for details

Program description

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations

A magnificent choice for all those students with a strong international vocation. Future graduates will be able to expand their professional profiles, combining their degree with the Bachelor's Degree in Law, Journalism, Tourism, C-ADE or Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization.

In addition, the Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Nebrija University has academic extension activities of a high educational level, connecting students with different areas of reality and the international environment (conferences, seminars, visits, study trip to Brussels).

Program content

First Year

First Semester

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Theory of Communication
  • Contemporary World
  • Political Science: Power and Decision Structures
  • The Spanish Constitution and its System of Law

Second Semester

  • Introduction to Law
  • Theory of International Relations: Paradigms and Methodology
  • The Company and its Environment
  • Social Psychology
  • Competencies Development Seminar I

Second Year

First Semester

  • International Scenarios and Globalization I
  • History of Political Thought
  • Global Economic Trends
  • International Law in a Globalized World
  • 6Structure and Dynamics of the International Society

Second Semester

  • Modern Languages
  • Applied Statistics
  • International Economic Organization
  • History of Contemporary International Relations
  • Competencies Development Seminar II

Third Year

First Semester

  • International Organizations
  • International Scenarios and Globalization II
  • Institutional Communication
  • Spanish Foreign Policy

Second Semester

  • International Human Rights Regime
  • International Human Rights Regime
  • Spanish and European Union Economy
  • Eval. of the Development of Skills in the Company

Fourth Year

First Semester

  • European Community System
  • Information and International Communication
  • Analysis and Resolution of International Conflicts
  • Competencies Development Seminar III

Second Semester

  • Security and Defense Policies
  • Development and International Cooperation
  • Final Research Project
  • Development of the Participatory and Solidarity Spirit

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please visit the school's website for more information.

Tuition fees

Cost of tuition: € 10,965 per year


  • Develop skills for autonomous learning in the field of International Relations.
  • Search, organize, synthesize, analyze and interpret information of interest for the education of the internationalist from diverse sources, in a systematic way, using the different supports (written, oral, audiovisual and digital).
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge obtained in the different subjects to the analysis and solution of practical situations of international character.
  • Present arguments in public in an orderly and understandable way, from different perspectives and being able to adapt them to the composition of the audience.
  • Communicate correctly orally and written in the native language
  • Communicate orally and in writing in foreign languages, with English as a priority (students must achieve level B2 according to MCER)
  • Be able to adapt to the changes derived from the increasing complexity of the global context
  • Efficiently apply information and communication technologies (ICTs)
  • Commit in ethical terms to the values, principles and rights recognized by the international society.
  • Value and respect cultural diversity
  • Be able to organize, coordinate, manage and communicate projects of national, multinational or transnational nature.
  • Enhance the capacity for initiative, creativity and leadership, with special attention to leadership in multinational teams
  • Apply organizational skills and teamwork, especially in multinational teams
  • Be motivated by quality in different academic and professional fields.
  • Understand and know the elements that affect decision making in national and international contexts.
  • Establish positive interpersonal relationships, both nationally and internationally, that contribute to a better development of their academic and professional activity.

Career opportunities

Our Undergraduate Degree in International Relations takes into account the professional interest in itself and the growing demand of people trained in this field. The future graduates will be able to identify themselves fundamentally with the following professional profiles:

International Organizations and Foreign Service of the State.

  • Diplomats, embassy attachés,
  • Cultural managers of institutions abroad,
  • Officials of both the Central Administration, as well as of the regional and local authorities in those bodies or agencies with projection abroad,
  • Officials of intergovernmental organizations,
  • Senior managers of the European Union,
  • International policy consultants.

International non-governmental organizations and international cooperation

  • Coordinators of international cooperation programs
  • Directors of international NGOs
  • Project managers
  • Technicians in international cooperation

Security and Defense

  • Planning consultants,
  • Coordinator or director of international civil missions,
  • Civil mission observer
  • International Security and Defense Consultant.

International Communication

  • International information analysts
  • International correspondents
  • Specialized journalists
  • Communication managers of companies or international organizations.

Professional Nebrija

  • Consult the internship and employment offer
  • Employment forum. Introduce yourself and stand out.

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Nebrija University

We are Nebrija University, a pioneer institution in educational innovation. At Nebrija University, we offer a personalized, innovative, international and professional projected education, so that our students will become the answer to the new work profiles in demand. We are...

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