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The CCU campus is a beautiful park with serenity and openness.

National Chung Cheng University (CCU) was the first public University established after Taiwan's economic boom in the 1980's. In order to commemorate the late president Chiang Kai-Shek and to develop higher education in the Yun-lin, Chia-yi and Tainan areas, the Executive Yuan passed a plan in 1986 to establish CCU. It was officially founded on July 1, 1989 with Dr. Lin Ching-Jiang as the first president of the University. Dr. Lin, as the founding president of the University, set up the original five colleges of the University, namely, the College of Humanities, the College of Sciences, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management. During the tenure of the second president of the University, the College of Law was founded in 1998, and the College of Education in 1999. Altogether, the University currently consists of seven Colleges, with 449 faculty and staff members, 5844 undergraduate students and 2662 graduate students. During 2001-2007, CCU turned to put more emphasis on electronic technology and globalization. CCU then became the first university in Taiwan to open e-learning master programs to the public and is also credited with the best English friendly learning campus around the nation. Dr. Luo was also devoted to building a closer relationship with the industries, promoting CCU as one of the leading universities in technology licensing and business incubation. CCU2CCU was founded to be a research-oriented University which aims to provide students with necessary skills in humanities, the sciences, technology, law and management. It is this type of liberal arts education that allows students to effectively deal with the complexities in the 21st century. The campus is located in the central part of Chia-yi county, 15 kilometers from the city of Chia-yi, which is approximately 250 kilometers south of Taipei. The campus occupies an open landscape of 132 hectares on a hill, with more than 200,000 trees of various species. On a campus tour, one cannot help but be struck by the elegant buildings of different architectural styles, surrounded by tall trees, open green spaces, and winding roads flanked with flowering trees and bushes which bloom in different seasons. The campus itself is a beautiful park with serenity and openness and is literally a breath of fresh air in comparison to Taiwan’s more urban campuses. Viewed from the plains below, the University looks like a splendid palace on a hill, but the ivory tower image is only physical, as the university serves the community in many ways. The Gymnasium is one of the most splendid and expensive constructions in southern Taiwan. It has two Olympic-sized swimming pools (one indoors and one outdoors), a roller-skating rink, bowling alleys, and indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. In addition, it has rooms for Judo, weight-lifting and circuit training, indoor rock climbing walls, an outdoor Olympic track and field stadium, and of course, ping-pong facilities. Last, but not least, the sprawling campus even has a golf course with 20 fairways.



National Chung Cheng University - CCU

168 University Road
Min-Hsiung Chia-Yi
Taiwan ROC

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