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Ming Chuan University

The school, originally named Ming Chuan College, established in 1957 as the first institution of higher learning for women in the area of business in Taiwan, was founded by Dr. Teh-Ming Pao and Dr. Ying-Chao Lee. The founders believed strongly that the economic development of the nation requires personnel trained in commerce. They also believed in the great importance of education for the youth in this society. Current president, Dr. Chuan Lee, carries on this vision, expanding it to embrace the needs of the new knowledge economy. The emphasis at Ming Chuan University (MCU) is on maintaining strict standards, encouraging keen effort in teaching, producing well-rounded students, matching instruction in theory with experience in application and stressing both the humanities and technology.

Approximately 70,000 alumni are contributing significantly to the economic development of this country. Immediate, post-graduation employment rate is upwards of 75%, as graduates are welcomed into the workforce. MCU Extension designs and provides on-and off-campus courses, both credit and non-credit for any interested group of persons or organization. Both day and evening courses are available on topics related to any of the degree-granting units. Tuition is calculated on per-course, or per-block basis.

Currently, over 16,000 students are enrolled into MCU’s 10 schools: Management, Communication, Design, Information Technology, Tourism, Applied Languages, Health, Social Sciences, Law and International College. To support academic efforts, Ming Chuan has established a Library, Information Network Division, General Education Center, English Language Center, Mandarin Studies and Culture Center, University Extension Division, Career Planning and Counseling Division, Publishing Center, Teacher Education Center and Research and Development Division. In addition, four research units are leading the way in multidisciplinary studies and consultation: Finance Study Center, Media Research Center, Mainland Affairs Research Center and SME Incubation Center. 

The International College of MCU is a newly designed program, which can be connected with the educational system of universities abroad, and consists of many professional fields focusing on the new trend of globalization for students from all over the world. Four courses of study are offered at present, including International Business, Mass Communication, Information Management, and Tourism. The faculty and staff at MCU include experienced and knowledgeable professionals from Asian countries and the western world. Using English as the instructional tool, MCU provides theoretical development as well as practical experience through brainstorming with the international faculty members. Located in Taoyuan, a beautiful area in northern Taiwan, the International College of Ming Chuan University is the perfect place for your academic advancement, and also, a wonderful environment in which to spend your university years. Currently, there are more than one hundred students from Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Korea, the United States, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Taiwan in the International College. Through continuous discussion regarding all professional curricula, the courses of the International College at MCU are specially designed to enhance the competitiveness of the students in an era of globalization.


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