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London School of Business and Education

London School of Business & Education is a private, independent higher education institution located in the heart of bustling London. LSBE UK offers an innovative solution for active professionals who wish to benefit from self-paced and flexible studies available from anywhere in the world.

LSBE delivers Level 3 qualifications for direct entry to bachelor programmes, Levels 4 & 5 qualifications to become eligible to BA(Hons)/BSc Final Year (top-up) and Level 7 Advanced Entry Route to Master/MSc Final Stage (top-up).

All our programmes are taught online through synchronous and asynchronous activities. We deliver comprehensive and in-depth education in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and education. LSBE UK programs are designed through the competency-based and the project-based approaches to places an emphasis on experiential learning.

London School of Business & Education is an OTHM Approved Centre, listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers and accredited by ASCB in the USA. Some of our programmes are also certified by The CPD Certification Service in the UK.

Our faculty members are current business highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer a unique and relevant insight into today's complex world on business trends and landscapes. We have a passion for engaging and collaborating with students, leading them to become creative, innovative, independent, and inspired business professionals; managers, leaders or entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

At LSBE UK, we aim at the highest quality in terms of teaching and learning to prepare unique and talented individuals to perform the profession of their dreams. Prospective students are welcome to contact us today and invest in their future now!

Scholarships & funding

Through its scholarship programs, between 10% and 30% (on the tuition fees only) depending on the case, LSBE and its professors wish to support single-parent students, orphan students and economic victims of the Covid-19 situation.

For more information about scholarship options, please visit the institute website.


London School of Business & Education

Online programs in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and education

London School of Business and Education is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 Top 10 Europe rankings 2020 badge

Awards & Accreditations

ASCB - Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (USA)

IRQAO - International Register of Quality Assessed Organisations (UK)

The CPD Certification Service (UK) 

Membership & Certification

EADL European Association for Distance Learning 


EEUK - Enterprise Educators UK


OTHM Qualifications 

Approved Centre


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