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Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is proud to be the only specialized university in Lithuania, which has been uniting Movement and Sports Science for over eight decades. Studies in sport and related areas are gaining popularity, at the same time opening new opportunities for successful graduates. There will be a continuous rise in the need for professionals assisting those who strive for healthy, active and long life.

LSU: Connecting Sports Studies, Science, and Practice

Therefore, you can succeed in life along with LSU, where studies, sports science, and practice are interconnected. Exceptional attention to every international student, science-based studies, and sports-living community will provide knowledge and interesting experience every day. Make the right choice and it will help to implement your goals and become exceptional.

A Legacy of Champions

Among the LSU graduates, there are many distinguished scientists, world-renowned coaches, famous athletes, and prominent public figures. A great number of the LSU students and graduates have become champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World, and European championships.

Scholarships & funding

Student Union Scholarship means a scholarship awarded upon nomination by the student union. Incentive Scholarship means a scholarship granted to the best undergraduate and graduate students taking into consideration their study results. One-Time Target Scholarship means a scholarship granted to undergraduate and graduate students for active cultural, scientific, social or sporting activities, in the event of disaster, death of a relative, or in other cases.

Nominal Scholarship means a scholarship established by natural or legal persons, the award of which is determined by the agreement relating to a specific nominal scholarship. Scholarship Fund means financial resources provided for students’ scholarships in the state budget appropriation programs of a certain year and the National Lithuanian Studies and Research Development Program.


Why study at Lithuanian Sports University

Studying abroad is at the same time adventurous, fascinating and challenging. As one foreign student said about his experience at LSU, “It was the voyage to the unknown”. It is always good to take a map in the journey like this. Therefore, with a great pleasure we welcome you at our University and hope that this website will serve you as a “little virtual map” to make your decision and, as a result, your stay in Kaunas most enjoyable and rewarding.

Student services & facilities

You are welcome to use LSU sports facilities gym, swimming pool (it is free for our students).

Student lifestyle

  • LSU is located in Kaunas center.
  • Two famous places - Laisvės alėja and Oldtown is near.

For more information, please visit the university website.


Each incoming student may apply for a living place in one of the students’ dormitories situated in the area of University campus (Perkūno al. 3 and Aušros g. 42A)

The monthly rates:

  • Twin room (Perkūno al. 3): € 90.00 per person
  • Twin/triple room (Aušros 42A): € 120.00 per person

A refundable deposit must be paid upon arrival: 180€ for dormitory in Perkūno al. 3, and 240€ for dormitory in Aušros g. 42A.

Rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobe, desk and desk chairs. The student does not need to bring the bedding and bed linen, as he/she will get it in the dormitory, but the dormitory administration does not provide towels. The student also has to buy the kitchenware (flatware, cups, plates, etc.) upon arrival. The kitchen (bathroom as well) will be shared with other students. The rooms are supplied with internet connection, but not computers, thus, the student has to bring his/her own computer or rent it upon arrival.

Accommodation in the private sector is also available, but International Relations Office does not mediate in finding a flat and dealing with its owner. The rental price for a flat varies considerably from district to district and depends on the number of rooms, living conditions, period of rent, etc. To rent a 1-2 room flat may cost from € 130 to € 300 per month or more, plus public utilities. The owner usually wants to get the payment three or more months in advance.


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Ngoni F.S.
It is very good programme as it include area in disability as i have Bsc Hon in Special Needs and Masters of Science in Special needs.This will be a perfect program for me.
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