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Student reviews for KU Leuven

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Very diverse learning environment and interesting case studies that challenge students as much as possible to develop their skills in urbanism and design.
Ankita Mukherjee
The program is designed to learn and understand the pillars of food science, food technology and food engineering. The professors are always eager to help us with our doubts and encourage us to delve deeper into the subject. It is a great learning experience which opens up numerous career opportunities.
Philip Lepoutre
I am very positive about the Bachelor of Engineering Technology. Honestly, the program as well as all the other activities KU Leuven proposes have been crucial in my development; and would choose the same exact program if I were a couple of years ago what I should study. Highly recommend this program for ambitious students
Leaves you unprepared for the challenges a sustainable developer is facing in the real world. The top-down teaching is old-fashioned straight forward and theoretical. Few interaction , e.g. although half the students are foreign origin, their expertise is completely exclude. The courses themselves don't form the required holistic perspective nee...
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