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Medicinal Chemistry and Biology

Keele University
4 years
Bachelor's degree
On campus
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Program description

At Keele University, we’re different. Nestled in 600 acres of countryside in the heart of the UK, we have a big campus but a small and cosmopolitan community. We proudly rank 1st for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey for the last three years. This is because it’s more than green and lovely, it’s a place of research and academic excellence too.

In Medicinal Chemistry you’ll develop deep understanding of the complex chemical and biological
processes involved in the design and manufacture of drugs and other therapies
for treating disease. This course prepares you to help solve problems at the
intersection of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology. The goal of medicinal chemistry is to support the search for new drugs
to treat conditions such as heart disease and cancer. You’ll work in
well-equipped laboratories, and learn to conduct effective independent
research. Keele also offers support to find an industrial or research
placement for a summer. You’ll develop essential skills for employment,
such as problem solving, presentation and communication.

Our Medicinal Chemistry graduates have excellent employment
prospects, whether at the cutting edge of drug discovery or in a wide
range of related fields. You might go to work for a pharmaceutical
company, either as a research scientist or in a more business related
role. Alternatively, you might work in a different organisation as a
development chemist, a research assistant, or a site chemist.

Biology at Keele focuses on the amazing world of organisms – from
how they’ve evolved to their relationships with the environment and
each other. Keele takes a broad approach to biology, examining the
diversity of life and its evolution from the geological past. You’ll consider the complexity of biological processes and mechanisms
at molecular, cellular, organismal and ecosystem levels, exploring
related philosophical and ethical issues. You’ll sample, record and
analyse data in the field and in our excellent labs, and learn how biology
can help to improve the quality and sustainability of life.

Biology at Keele offers both breadth and depth of knowledge, preparing
you for a range of directly or indirectly related careers. You might work as
a research scientist, as an environmental consultant, conservationist, in
quality control areas of the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry
or as a scientific writer. If you choose to do an Applied Life Sciences
Placement you’ll graduate with the advantage of a significant level of
work experience in biology to take to potential employers.

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Keele University

The University received its Royal Charter in 1962 with a commitment to meet the demands of a new kind of society, economy and world. Today we still uphold that commitment in every aspect of life at Keele University. We work...

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