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Jinan University is one of the oldest universities in China.

Jinan School, the predecessor of Jinan University was established in 1906 at Nanjing. Now the university has four campuses which are located in three cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The latter two, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao respectively, are two special economic zones in China and always take a leading role in the economic development in China. The main campus of Jinan is in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province and the biggest metropolis in South China. The courses offered by the 20 colleges and schools cover almost all the academic disciplines. The College of Chinese Language and Culture was established especially for foreign students to study Chinese. The International School, established in 2001, offers 6 majors in English, enabling overseas students to study other academic majors besides language. Currently there are 34,100 students in this university, including 24,467 full-time students, 5,915 graduates and 17,582 undergraduates. The number of overseas students, including foreign students, overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, amounts to 13,498. Different cultures converge and blend here. Jinan University welcomes you as well. The university believes your coming will add more new things to this old university and believes you can also get a rewarding experience from here. Jinan_SchoolThe establishment of the International School was one of the important steps in building a modern international university to fully meet the needs of overseas Chinese and other foreign students. The International School has adopted the academic credit system. All courses offered for public and major studies are delivered in English, some of which are taught by foreign professors. Original English textbooks and teaching materials are also used in teaching. Supported by the university, the International School cooperates with other colleges and departments. It offers 7 majors presently: International Economics and Trade, Clinical Medicine, Accounting (CGA), Food Quality and Safety, Pharmacy, Public Administration and Finance. At present, the student population totals 963 from 30 countries and regions. Training Programs in Traditional Chinese Cultures, Current Chinese Economy, Chinese Medical Research, Traditional Acupuncture, etc. are available to overseas and foreign students, scholars, and researchers. The International school is actively expanding its international and domestic academic exchanges with well-known universities. Jinan University welcomes overseas and foreign students to study or do research work in its school on short-term basis. The International School at Jinan University constantly adheres to the guiding policy of meeting the higher educational needs of Chinese from overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. By closely cooperating with other colleges, the school dedicates itself to building upon its achievements and enlarging the member of majors as well as enrollments to meet the increasing needs of overseas and foreign students. The International school’s goal is to become a window of spreading Chinese culture and the spirit of Jinan by turning out students with a good command of English and solid professional knowledge as well. There are many special features that Jinan University can be proud of:
  • one of the oldest universities in China and one of the “211” key national universities in China
  • the 1st university in China that recruits foreign students
  • the 1st university in China that enrolls students at both spring and autumn semesters
  • the 1st university that pioneered the implementation of credit system in China
  • the university with the largest number of overseas students
  • the only university that finds her alumni in both Chinese and foreign state-level leaders in China.


Jinan University

Huangpu Road West 601
510632 Guangzhou

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