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Jilin University

Jilin University, located in Changchun City, Jilin Province, was founded in 1946. Currently, there are 71,920 full-time students and 6,524 faculty members in total, among which there are 2,062 professors and 1,137 doctoral advisors. There are 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 33 dual-employed academicians, 7 senior professors philosophical and social sciences, 49 candidates in the "Thousand Talents Plan" and 20 in the "Ten-Thousand Talents Plan".

In 2017, Jilin University was selected as one of the universities under the Double First Class University Plan and was incorporated into the list of 36 first-class Category A universities . Five disciplines, including archeology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and materials science and engineering were selected as First Class Disciplines. According to 2018 Evaluation and Study Report of Universities in China released by the Chinese Universities Alumni Association, Jilin University ranks the 10th among the top 100 Chinese universities.

The university is now home to 5 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering laboratory, 6 state-local joint engineering laboratories, 1 national engineering and technology research center, 6 humanities and social science key research bases of the Ministry of Education, 10 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education and 5 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education.Jilin University, focusing on the cooperation with prestigious schools, has established cooperative relations with 282 colleges, universities and scientific research institutions in 39 countries and regions.

At present, there are more than 2,300 international students from 122 countries and regions in the school for long-term or short-term study. They are distributed in 47 departments, including 181 doctoral students, 408 postgraduate students, and 970 undergraduates. Jilin University now has 6 sub-districts and 7 campuses, covering an area of more than 6.11 million square meters. The school buildings cover an area of 2.74 million square meters.

We provide international students with the best language learning environment, the most professional teachers, the most flexible curriculum, the most dedicated services, and the most advanced learning and living facilities.


Jilin University ranks very high in the front, a very powerful university, and belongs to the school recommended by the Saudi Ministry of Education to study abroad. The Saudi Ministry of Education provides financial support and subsidies to Saudi students who come to Jilin University. At the same time, the environment in Changchun is relatively ...
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Jilin University has a certain reputation in South Korea. People who don’t know much about China also know Jida, so they have an interest in studying in JLU.The academic atmosphere is strong, the library is rich in books, and the facilities of the Friendship Club are all available. My Chinese language level has been improved through the Buddy or...
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During my school days in Korea, I met many students from Jilin University who exchanged at Sungkyunkwan University. I heard a lot about Jilin University from their mouths. In addition, Jilin University and Sungkyunkwan University participated in the Asian campus project, so I came here because of that project. I don't know much about other schoo...
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Jilin University

College of International Education, WANG Xinlu, Friendship Guesthouse, No.1505 Xiuzheng Road
130012 Changchun

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