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Student reviews for Ivey Business School - Western University

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Salma E.A
The first semester of the digital management program has been a great learning experience. We have been able to add to our toolbox how to become more innovative, outside the box, and combine our different expertise to develop new ideas. Learning about how technology has been used in different industries has been eye opening. Before coming into t...
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Akarsh T
The MSc. in Digital Management program offered at Ivey Business School is a comprehensive program that provides students from ALL Disciplines a solid foundation in several aspects of management such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Innovation, Digital Transformation to name a few. What makes this program different from others is the case-based a...
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Abby J.
The MSc BA stream provides a great platform for students who don't have a strong technical background to learn and practice programming skills, while helping students develop a keen business sense.
Keenan H.
The program is the perfect blend of qualitative business education and quantitative data analysis skills taught through interesting and dynamic cases that aid in applying and solidifying teachings. Dynamic learning also extends outside the classroom through the highly diverse ethnic, professional, and educational backgrounds of the cohort which ...
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Cedric H.
Digital Management gave me a sense of belonging. The atmosphere in the program is peaceful and lovely. Every discussion in class is quite insightful and in-class activities are quite interesting. In Design Driven Innovation, we used spaghetti and marshmallow to build a tower; we also designed how to make paper plain that can fly further. We also...
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Eartha P.
The MSc program has been an exciting challenge filled with personal and professional growth opportunities. I look forward to applying my technical knowledge to real business problems this summer at the Ivey Digital Innovation Studio.
Youmi D.
Ivey has challenged me to grow as both a student and future business leader. I have gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge in business through the Ivey case study method
Aamer S.
I’ve always been fascinated with technology. To me it represents man’s quest to change and improve things, to not be complacent with what is available and interact with nature in interesting ways. Even during my undergrad in law, I was drawn to areas of law that interfaced with technology such as intellectual property rights, anti-trust law and ...
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