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Light Guide Photonics

ITMO University Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
September 2020
Application deadline: 15 July 2020
4,094 EUR

Program description

Light Guide Photonics

We live in the information age, and it is no secret that modern technologies, which are based on advances in the field of photonics and electronics, play a very important role in our lives. Photonics is in many ways similar to electronics but instead of electrons, it uses the quanta of the electromagnetic field, photons. Photonics covers a wide range of optical, electro-optical and optoelectronic devices and their various applications from transmitting information via optical fibers to creating new sensors that modulate light signals in accordance with the slightest changes in the environment.

Modern devices should be extremely flexible and tunable in order to meet rapidly changing requirements. That is why almost all modern control and communication systems use programmable digital devices equipped with microcontrollers, signal processors and programmable logic integrated circuits.

The symbiosis of photonics and electronics opens up new opportunities and allows developers to enhance the capabilities of modern devices, create technologies that allow for transmitting terabit information flows over long distances, and conduct precision measurements in the remotest places of our planet: on the ocean floor, underground, at high temperatures and radiation. It is almost impossible to imagine our life without all these achievements. To maintain and develop these areas, one has to possess knowledge and skills in the field of photonics and electronics, and this program is aimed at giving students this knowledge.

The students will:

  • learn the physical principles of operation and development of the technologies for designing devices and systems on the basis of fiber/integrated optics and programmable electronics; develop fiber-optic sensors and information-measuring sensor systems;
  • learn to create new materials for photonics, optoelectronics, and quantum electronics;
  • learn to make computer models of optical radiation propagation processes in the waveguide systems and elements of the light guide path of sensor devices and systems based on fiber/integrated optics and programmable electronics;
  • be prepared for innovative engineering activities aimed at creating and developing new competitive optical systems and technologies;
  • acquire deep knowledge in the field of optical technologies;
  • gain experience in designing highly competitive and promising optical systems and technologies;
  • develop leadership skills required for successful work in a rapidly changing environment.

The main areas of activities:

  • development, design, and operation of devices and systems created on the basis of fiber/integrated optics and programmable electronics;
  • software development of fiber-optic sensor systems created on the basis of microelectronics;
  • maintenance and operation of fiber-optic sensor systems;
  • fiber-optic sensor devices automation;
  • computer simulation of physical processes.

Tuition fees

The yearly tuition fee for this program is €4094, and the total tuition fee is €8188. 

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ITMO University Saint Petersburg

ITMO University Saint Petersburg

ITMO University in St. Petersburg is a recognized leader in optics, photonics and IT. Over the past few years, it has developed from a specialized technical institute into a trailblazer shaping the national education and research policy in Russia. We...

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ITMO University Saint Petersburg

49 Kronversky Pr.
197101 Saint Petersburg

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