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Student reviews for IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

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Sanna L
When I started IED I thought we were going to have more creative lectures, such as figure drawing. But we had a lot of fashion marketing, branding, textile technology and fashion sociology. Which I, in retrospect, can understand why was so important. I am a person who likes constant change, improvement and seeing the development at all levels, s...
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Shad A
I started studying in IED in 2014 with the hopes of fulfilling a dream. From the beginning, I had a great interest in Interior Design and Design in general, as I worked on the area of events and weddings. When I started my studies I understood that this would give me a very broad and stable platform to be able to develop my career path. I got th...
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Teodor D
When I entered IED my skills were quite basic, at first we were taught how to represent objects and ideas on paper, then we learned more about the design process and how to develop a concept. At some point after I gained some knowledge, I realized that my real passion was design in every form and direction. Giving character to objects, making st...
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Vasilena H
I took the course of (BA) Fashion Marketing & Communication in IED and itwas a real life-changing experience for me. Before the course, I didn't have almostany experience in the fashion field and I didn'teven have the possibility to haveone, apart from being a Sales Assistant for a fast fashion brand. Aftergraduating, I had the chance to work in...
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Juan P
When I decided to study abroad, my three choices were Milan, London and Paris. I chose Milan because of the interesting mix of industrial culture and design and because of the Italian culture. I love the Italian Classical Artists, and IED Milano offers a great and complete program. The only thing I regret is doing the course in English instead o...
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Laura A
IED Milan gave me a wider view into how the field of design moves and works and this mainly created an advantage for me nowadays in the professional world.
Paula R
When I studied in IED Milan I specialised in Graphic design, and I had the opportunity to learnall the skills that I still use for what I currently do. Two years after I graduated, I did a Master course in Branding in Elisava, in Barcelona, and I realised that all I had learnt in IED gave me a clear advantage, and it still does in mydaily work.
Paola B
The optionsthat IED showed me (small format painting, etching, animation, life drawingetc) opened a whole new world to me. In the minute I started painting with acrylics and watercolours I understood that that would be my main path in illustration. Right after having finished studying at the IED I started painting almost full-time.
Zeynep Y
In my opinion IED Milan is the one of the best design schools of Italy, and all the most important design brands live there, in the city and in the Salone del Mobile. Another reason why I chose it are Italians. They are easy going, helpful and entertaining people. They have so many similarities to Turkish people. I always felt like home while in...
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Isha L
The best part of studying at IED was that all the teachers/faculty came from the fashion industry hence they were all very experienced and could give you a real time feedback, dos and don'ts regarding the industry.
KeYun L
Before entering IED, I fully understood all the course settings of interior design. I still liked it, it was what I expected. After I entered the school, I found out that the school would let me practice my skills on projects that were real, it was of great help to my future work. At the same time, in our study, we could learn more about some It...
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Kexin H
Before enrolling to IED I thought the courses I wasgoing to attend were mainly focused on design, but later I found out there was a lot of practical operation and I fell in love with it, as well as with the Italian language and my Italian friends
Wendi Z
I chose to study in IED because I think the school is the best one for the course I wanted to get in, and Milan is also the capital of design.

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