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Length: 1 - 2 semesters
Study pace: Full time
Education level: Diploma Program
Location: Bratislava
Language: English

Program Description

pre-medical studentsPre-medical program in Slovakia

The pre-medical program offered by ICB introduces and prepares students with all the skills they need in order to enter medical programs across the world. 

Students will study English language in addition to required subjects of the pre-medical program. The pre-medical program prepares students in the following subjects:

  • General English (upper intermediate & English for special purposes)
  • Medical terminology 
  • Biology (cell biology, genetics)
  • Chemistry (general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry)
  • Physics or mathematics
  • Anatomy (introduction to anatomy)
  • Latin (medical Latin terminology)
  • Slovak / Czech language (introduction to Slovak / Czech language)

This pre-medical program is designed to fulfil the needs of international students. You may choose to either study full courses or intensive programs depending on your preference.

Admission requirements

Application requirements for the pre-medical program:

  • Complete the online application form. Please ensure that when using the online application form, the remaining documents should be scanned and e-mailed to ICB.

These documents should be attached to the online application form:

  1. Secondary school leaving Certificate
  2. CV in English
  3. Copy of valid passport
  4. Two passport size photos
  5. Application fee: 250 EUR (non-refundable and payable in advance by bank transfer)

*Please note that all documents have to be in English, either as originals or certified copies.

Non-EU students should fulfil all the above requirements and should contact a visa agent which will guide and prepare all the necessary documents which are needed from the Slovak Embassy in your country.

  • The basic requirement for enrolling in courses is a minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 30 years old. ICB may accept students olden than 30 years old only if they will prove that up till now they had continual studies in a scientific field.
  • You have to stay in the ICB residence halls during your studies.

Degree & diploma

There is no degree awarded, just a certificate of attendance.

Tuition & fees

  • Tuition fees for the full course, pre-medical program from the 1st of October: 6800 €*
  • Tuition fees for the intensive course, pre-medical program from the 1st of February are 5900 €*
  • Tuition fees for the summer, pre-medical program from 15th of June are 3800 €* (Available for EU students and for students who do not need visa)

* Application fee 250 € (non-refundable). Textbooks and auxiliary materials are included in the above tuition fee prices. Health insurance, ICB uniforms and the rest of I.C.B facilities and student services are not included in the above prices.

International College of Bratislava

International College of Bratislava

Prepare to enter medical school with this program

The International College of Bratislava (ICB) welcomes international students who are eager to study medicine and become well qualified physicians.  Entering medical school is one of the most important decisions in your life, and students need as much information as possible to make an...

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Reviews by students

Hamoun   |   8/10/2016
Everybody knows that is very hard to enter an accredited Medical Faculty in Europe and even harder to enter to a Dental School. I did it, I get 100% at the entrance exams of Dental Faculty of Comenius in Bratislava thanks to ICB. The teaching and the support during the year I spent in ICB was more than enough to reach my goal.
Ioanna   |   7/20/2016
I had a dream like many of us, to enter to a well-known medical faculty. Unfortunately I had a lack of knowledge, especially in Biology and in Medical Terminology. I joined the Full Course of ICB and I am so grateful for my choice. From September 2016 I am Medical Student in Comenius University in Bratislava.
Kristiana   |   12/15/2015
When I started looking for a Pre Med. College I was looking at every single web page and I was calling more than 3 months in diferent agencies trying to find the ideal program for me. I found through Internet the International College of Bratislava and I was really impressed by the stylish infrastucture, and the level of services they offered, b...
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Contact information for International College of Bratislava

International College of Bratislava

Pribinova 4, Central 1, Eurovea
81109 Bratislava

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