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Student reviews for International Career Institute

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Ik Soo Lim, Lausanne, Switzerland
WOW, IT REALLY WORKS! Yes, it really works…If the first lesson gives me this fluency/confidence; it goes without saying that the rest will do the same. I started speaking in German with my friends. Buy it, listen to it and find yourself speaking in German.
Ian Jamison
I would like to say thank you to all your staff. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure to learn with.
Sun Country
An excellent set of audio lessons…simply play these in your car each day for a few weeks and in no time at all, YOU'LL BE SPEAKING LIKE A NATIVE.
John Hugo., Burtonsville, United States
I found the Portuguese course VERY EASY TO USE. I have other self-taught programs, but this was by far was the best. The speakers enunciated well and allowed you enough time to repeat the phrases without rushing. Using my walkman, I found it convenient to carry with me and listen. The key to this program is the repetition. I enjoy using it.
Sue Manning
I found that the system and material was easy to comprehend. This course has also has sparked a big interest in me to read further on the subjects on a personal and professional level. The experience would be one of the most valuable experiences in my career life and excited about the new direction I am taking in my life!
Book Page
There's a audio tutorial to suit every need…using a UNIQUE system [the] segments will have you carrying on simple conversations at the end of just four hours.
Christopher Muro, Pittsburgh, United States
LEARNING LANGUAGES WAS NEVER THIS MUCH FUN… I would recommend this to all who would like to begin their study of the Japanese language… the learning approach is very easy to learn from, hear and repeat.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Designed for the ear and not the eye…the lessons provide PERFECT 30-minute bites of work.
Business Life
THE MARKET LEADER in self-instructional foreign language lessons.
Los Angeles Times
I would have bet that I'd collect the money-back guarantee, until I played Lesson One… I WAS HOOKED!
Daily News
Learn French while commuting, German while jogging, Spanish while cooking (or Russian, Italian, and Japanese) all with NO WRITTEN MATERIALS!
Boston Herald
EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE…the speakers have pleasant voices, each section within the lessons is short enough to hold our attention, and there is enough repetition to teach even those who consider themselves slow learners…The lessons are extremely thorough and easy to use-quite lively!
Michael Newman
ICI gave me the freedom and confidence to pursue my dream in my own time and on my own terms. I feel great pride in the fact that I now operate my own successful importation business. It is with sincere gratitude that I thank the Institute and its staff...
Katie McGuire
The credentials, knowledge, and skills that I have acquired through ICI played a significant role in my achieving my position. The company I work for was quite impressed with the educational curriculum of the school. Thank you ICI!
Terry Amstrong
I cannot begin to tell you the benefits I have achieved due to my education from ICI. I have lived in 3 states since taking your import export courses and have been able to secure positions with import and export firms that I would never have been able to get before... Thank you...
Daniel Mitzi
I would like to thank everyone at the International Career Institute, for their support throughout my studies. I found the course very relevant and it has certainly broadened my ability to improve my performance in my current position.
John Turnbull
The frontline management course gave the skills and confidence necessary for my employer to recognise that I was ready to step up to management level.
Natalie Henderson
I have wanted to get into fashion design for years. With a mortgage and a full time job it was impossible for me to go back to school. The distance learning format enabled me to gain skills and take steps towards creating my own label all while having the backup of my current job!
Amanda Farlow
I have just graduated from ICI this year. As I reflect back on my experience with ICI, I can honestly say that it was a truly positive experience every step of the way. As a student I receive impeccable service from the students services department and my tutor each and every time I made a request.
Leah Nillas, Quezon City, Philippines
It's great! This audiobook made me and my little sister learn the basics of the French language. It's really effective. The learning approach works for both the young and the old. Now, I YEARN TO LEARN MORE.
AV Guide Monthly
A WELCOME CHANGE from some of the more formal, highly structured language lessons.
D. M. Rothschild, MA, United States
THE APPROACH IS THE BEST EVER! This is the best program available to learn Korean on the market today. I know because I have audited a dozen of them. It is very simple. Just play a lesson per day.
Robert Wood
It really saved me time and effort. It makes my life allot easier. The Advertising course was awesome and the tutors really helped me out with all the questions I had.
Sarah Parker
The courses are very easy to use and follow. I always received prompt friendly replies from my tutor. The course structure flows freely. I am very satisfied with the course and results...
It's exactly what I've been looking for. I can't say enough about marketing course. I like the marketing course more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier and gives me the tools I need to become better in my position. John Price

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