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AP-degree in Financial Management

The International Business Academy
Length: 2 years
Study pace: Full time
Education level: Diploma program
Location: Kolding

Program description

AP-degree in Financial Management

The AP degree in Financial Management is a full-time 2 year undergraduate degree programme developed and delivered in close co-operation with the finance and business sectors. Through a combination of rigorous academic study with a strong practical/applied element, this programme provides an excellent preparation for employment or further study at bachelor or masters level.

IBA students gain the practical skills and knowledge to succeed over a wide range of business and commercial activities in companies, organisations and as entrepreneurs. The content of the AP DEGREE in Financial Management enables a more specific focus on careers in areas such as

  • Banking
  • Mortgage institutions
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Finance departments of large private or public enterprises

The programme is composed of seven compulsory subjects, a selection of elective modules and company internship/dissertation providing the opportunity to specialise in a particular area.

The programme is divided into four semesters.

Learning and teaching is based on interdisciplinary themes, linking subjects and creating a more holistic view. By this process, students become more confident and multi-skilled in their approach to business challenges.

With the following mandatory subjects:

  • Financial Enterprises and Markets
  • Personal Economics
  • Customer/client Relations
  • Business Economics
  • Management and Communications
  • Global Economics
  • Business Law
  • Statistics

And the following elective subjects in the specialization
period in semester 4

  • consulting and the financial retail market
  • international and financial relations
  • business trade
  • business administration
  • economic management in private and public companies
  • e-commerce
  • financial consulting

Semester 4 also comprises the company internship in Denmark or another country and the dissertation which takes its starting point from an assignment related to a finance company or finance department in a private or public company.

The complete degree is worth 120 points under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and can be used as a basis for further study – for example, completion of a bachelor degree requires just 60 more ECTS points.

Modules per theme                                                     ECTS points

Financial Enterprises & Markets                                        11

and Marketing                                                                          4

Personal Finance                                                                   7

Business Economics                                                         6.5

Global Economics                                                                  7

Business Law                                                                    8.25

Statistics                                                                                 11

Customer / Client Relationship                                        4.5

Management and Communication                                0.75


Total                                                                                       60

Modules per theme                                                    ECTS points

Financial Enterprises & Markets                                        3

and Marketing                                                                        4

Business Economcis                                                       8,5

Global Economics                                                                3

Business Law                                                                  8.25

Customer/Client Relationship                                        3,5

Management and Communication                              4.25

Specialisation Topic/electives                                            5

Placement                                                                           15

Final Exam Project                                                             10


Total                                                                                      60

Learning and teaching

The IBA way

A wide variety of teaching and learning methods are used, including class work, case studies, projects and regular lectures. Students work in groups and individually and are encouraged to participate actively in the learning process.

Students are given an entry card, enabling them to access IBA study facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including unlimited Internet use.

Language of instruction
Students can choose between English and Danish for all the core subjects and, depending on demand, for subjects within the electives.

Job oportunities

The AP degree in Financial Management provides a solid foundation for employment in finance, insurance, customs and tax, real estate and economics. Employers will be banks, credit unions, insurance companies, estate agents, or in finance departments within private or public companies.

Admission requirements

The admission criteria are as follows:

Applicants with an educational background from Denmark and Scandinavia:

  • A general upper secondary education in Denmark/Scandinavia (Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination, Higher Commercial Examination, Higher Technical Examination or Higher Preparatory Examination).
  • A Danish vocational education supplemented with English level B and with Mathematics level B or Business Economics level.

United States and countries with a similar educational system:

  • High school diplomas from the United States followed by at least 1 year of university or college studies in relevant subjects. This also applies to applicants with a high school diploma from countries with a similar system.
  • English and Mathematics see below (*).

UK countries and countries with a similar educational system:

  • GCE Advanced Level-exams (A-level) in combination with GCSE-exams (O-level). At least 3 A levels in relevant subjects in combination with O-level exams.
  • English and Mathematics see below (*).

African countries, Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan, Phillipines and countries with a similar educational system:

  • At least 2 years of study in relevant subjects from universities. We recommend a Bachelor degree or the international and the European Baccalaureate.
  • English and Mathematics see below (*).

Other appropriate education found to be acceptable at the discretion of IBA

(*) English:
a: International students must hold a certificate proving adequate qualifications corresponding to Danish level B.
b: Send a signed document from your school telling the total number of hours you have had in English over the last 3 years of your education (typically 10th, 11th and 12th grade).
c: Non-EU students must take a test before admittance; IBA will arrange and place a date. This also includes students who have the IELTS certificate. For Chinese students who do not have IELTS 6.0, we recommend our foundation course in Beijing.

(*) Mathematics:
a: International students must hold a certificate proving adequate qualifications corresponding to Danish level B.
b: Send a signed document from your school telling the total number of hours you have had in Mathematics over the last 3 years of your education (Typically 10th, 11th and 12th grade).
c: Non-EU students must take a Mathematics test before admittance; IBA will arrange place and date.

Students from Denmark please check the Danish version of homepage.

Degree & diploma

AP Degree in Financial Management

Expectations – yours and ours

Expectations – yours and ours

IBA offers you

  • Superb learning environment
  • Global and innovative focus
  • Strong academic foundation with practical application
  • Generous PC facilities and free wireless internet 24/7
  • Diverse, friendly international student community
  • Active student life and social events
  • Full academic/tutorial support
  • Opportunity to develop yourself into a professionally competent, enthusiastic and internationally oriented person
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Buddy programme for international students

Our expectations of you

  • Engagement and responsibility
  • willingness to embrace change
  • Flexibility
  • Drive for challenge and development

Tuition & fees

Tuition Fee
EU citizens and citizens of Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway are automatically eligible for free tuition. This can also apply to students from other countries who have Danish residency.

Citizens from other countries who are not eligible for free tuition pay around Euro 9,200 per year (68,000 Danish) or Euro 18,400 total for the 2 years (136,000 DKK). The fee for the first year must be paid upon enrolment. The fee for the second year must be paid before the end of Semester 2 in the first year.

If students come from countries where a visa to study in Denmark is required, the Danish Foreign Ministry requires proof that they have sufficient funds to support themselves while studying and living in Denmark. Normally a visa is issued only when the first year fee has been paid in full.


Danish and some foreign students with long-term Danish residency are eligible for a grant (SU) covering part of the living costs, including while on any work placement.

Scholarships represent another source of possible financial support. However, please be aware that with the exception of the above, grants and scholarships for international students are usually very hard to come by in Denmark.

International students must be able to support themselves during their studies in Denmark, and should not rely upon being able to find part-time work or financial support from the Danish authorities unless this has been arranged in advance.

You pay for books required for the degree, which is approximately Eur 650.

You also pay all expenses relating to the company placement, including travel, accommodation and food.

Regarding to internships or study exchange within Europe or the USA, you may be eligible for a grant.

You pay for participation in study trips, case weeks and copying fees.

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