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Interdisciplinary network for cutting-edge research

The Hector Fellow Academy (HFA) is a young science academy offering a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation to outstanding researchers. By connecting top level academics from different research institutions across Germany, the HFA promotes innovative research projects on cutting-edge scientific issues.

Hector Fellows are a community of excellent scientists who have been acknowledged by the Hector Foundation for their excellent performance and their merit in research and teaching within the natural sciences, informatics, mathematics, medicine/psychology and engineering.

Benefitting from academic synergies and mutual inspirations within the framework of the HFA, the Hector Fellows collaborate in interdisciplinary research projects and initiate groundbreaking studies. In this way, the Academy seeks to contribute to the solutions of various societal challenges.

In addition to interdisciplinary collaboration, the HFA puts its emphasis on the promotion of young scientist. At HFA, the renowned Hector Fellows share their expertise with auspicious young academics. Those get the chance to collaborate with the Hector Fellows by working in their interdisciplinary projects.

The HFA offers doctoral positions, allowing young scientists to carry out their own research project under the supervision of one of the Hector Fellows. Thereby, they do not only benefit from their mentor’s comprehensive know-how but also from the Academy’s valuable research network.

During the annual Hector Fellow Academy Symposia, current scientific issues are put in a relevant sociopolitical context. Public lectures and discussions by renowned speakers from science, politics, and industry aim at encouraging future-oriented sociopolitical discourses.


Doctorate / PhD
Science Delivery method Length Location
Hector Fellow Academy PhD Program On campus Karlsruhe
Hector Fellow Academy Postdoctoral Program On campus Karlsruhe

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