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Language, Linguistics, and Translation Studies

Hampshire College
4 years
Bachelor's degree
Scholarships available

About this program

Language, Linguistics, and Translation Studies

Language plays an integral part in many interdisciplinary studies at Hampshire. Through courses offered at Hampshire and through the Five College consortium, students can study a variety of languages as well as integrate language into their larger academic studies. Students also look at language through the study of translation, linguistics, history and more.

Beginning- to advanced-level language classes are offered throughout Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst and are open to all students in the Five College consortium. Students at Hampshire who wish to pursue more advanced studies in a language in which they are already proficient may qualify for an advanced language and literature class at one of the other colleges.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It is interdisciplinary, overlapping the human sciences (including psychology, neurology, anthropology and sociology), the humanities, and the arts. In other words, you’ll find the study of language reflected in almost everything you do.

Linguists conduct formal and cognitive studies of sound structure, grammar and meaning. They also investigate the history of language families, and research language acquisition. And as other scientists, they formulate hypotheses, make observations, and work to support explanatory theories.

Program content

Sample First-Year Course

Discovering Rules in an Extinct Language: Sound Patterns of Osage

The goal of this class is to address the following question: How do we know what the rules of language are like? We will address this question via a close study of sound patterns of Osage, a recently extinct Native American language. The importance of language preservation and formal methods of inquiry will be underlying themes of the course. Active group work and class presentations will be key forms of evaluation. In taking this course, students will be prepared to take further courses in linguistics and related topics.

Sample Courses at Hampshire

  • Discovering Rules in an Extinct Language: Sound Patterns of Osage
  • Research Seminar in Linguistics and Philosophy: Performative Utterances
  • Forms of Address in Linguistics and Literature
  • What Is a Theory of Meaning Like?
  • Words, Faces and Other Minds
  • Universal Grammar
  • Phonology and Bioacoustics
  • Foreign Accent
  • The Structure of Words: Evidence from Hebrew, Arabic and English
  • Semantics
  • Pragmatics
  • Narrative discourse
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Field Methods in Linguistics
  • Bilingualism: Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects
  • Brain and Language
  • Language Acquisition
  • The Klamath Language
  • American Sign Language I, II
  • Elementary Chinese I, II
  • Immersion Spanish
  • Elementary Spanish I, II
  • Intermediate Spanish I, II
  • Daoism, Shamanism and Shinto: Indigenous Religions of East Asia
  • Quantum Mechanics for the Myriad
  • Social Movements and Social Change: Zapatismo & Latin America's Left
  • Sound, Image and Narrative: A Multidimensional Approach to Japanese Culture

Through the Consortium

  • Intro to Linguistic Theory
  • Intro to Phonetics For Linguists
  • Intro to Syntax
  • Intro to Semantics
  • Intro to Computational Linguistics
  • People & Their Language
  • Language Through Time
  • Lang Acquisition & Human Nature
  • The Sounds of Englishes
  • Language and Cognition
  • Indigenous Lang of North America
  • Syntax & Dialects
  • Field Methods
  • Use & Meaning
  • Speech Sounds and Structure
  • Speech Processing
  • Arabic (AC, MHC, UMass)
  • Chinese (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • French (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • German (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Greek (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Hebrew (MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Italian (MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Japanese (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Korean (SC)
  • Latin (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Polish (UMass)
  • Portuguese (SC, UMass)
  • Russian (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Sanskrit (MHC)
  • Spanish (AC, MHC, SC, UMass)
  • Swedish (UMass)
  • Yiddish (UMass)

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the college website for more information.


Tuition fees per semester: $25,500

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