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Computer Science

Hampshire College
4 years
Bachelor's degree
Scholarships available
On campus

Program description

Computer Science

Computers and other digital technologies are extensions of the human mind and increasingly have more or less capable minds of their own.

Our computer science curriculum gives students a foundation for further work by providing them with skills in programming and digital media, including computer graphics, animation, and game development.

Another focus is understanding computers, networks, and digital media as tools for learning and creativity, and as powerful catalysts of intended and unintended social transformation. The potential and limitations of artificial intelligence, and its relationship to biological intelligence, is also a popular field of research for computer science students at Hampshire.

Program content

Sample First-Year Course

What Computers Can't Do

Computers are commonly (and inconsistently) regarded as omnipotent and as stupid machines. In this course we will explore the real limits of computation from philosophical, logical, mathematical, and public policy perspectives. We begin with a discussion of the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI), covering the claims that have been made by AI scientists and the critiques of such claims that have arisen from the philosophical community. We then focus on the fundamental logic and mathematics of computation, including techniques for proving that certain problems are intractable or unsolvable. In the third part of the course we turn to social and political questions on which an enlightened view of the limits of computation can have an impact. Students will be evaluated through a combination of short papers and problem sets, along with a final project.

Sample Courses at Hampshire

  • Advanced Computer Animation Production
  • The Art and Science of Digital Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence in 3D Virtual Worlds
  • Computer Animation I, II, and III
  • Computer Graphics Topics for Programmers
  • Computing Concepts: Creative Machines?
  • Genetic Programming
  • Language and Computers
  • Literary Computing
  • Minds, Brains, and Machines: The 50 Key Ideas
  • Programming Paradigms for Artificial Intelligence
  • Radical Innovation in Digital Arts
  • Research in Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Unconventional Computing
  • What Computers Can't Do
  • Women in Animation

Through the Consortium

  • Algorithms (MHC)
  • Computational Geometry (SC)
  • Data Structures (MHC)
  • Energy and Power-Aware Computing (Umass)
  • Interactive Web Programming (UMass)
  • Microprocessors and Assembly Language (SC)
  • Networks and Cryptography (AC)
  • Operating Systems (MHC)
  • Parallel Algorithms and Architecture (UMass)
  • Robotics (UMass)

Scholarships & funding

Several scholarship options are available. Please check the college website for more information.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees per semester: $25,500

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