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Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) welcomes you to be a part of our 8000-student community representing over 60 nationalities. HAMK has been offering the most inspiring and the most customer-oriented applied research since 1840. In addition to the competitive, high-quality education, HAMK is committed to driving new ways of thinking in our ever-changing world with outstanding modern learning facilities and world-class education methods.

We are united in our efforts to guide our students to international success. We have strong international networks, from which our students can take advantage of during and after their studies. The student is the centre of all out operations and the workplace is the immediate beneficiary. Our students become the next generation leaders in their respective fields.


Bachelor's degree
Construction Delivery method Length Location
Construction Engineering On campus 4 years Hämeenlinna
International Business
International Business On campus 3.5 years Valkeakoski
Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Automation Engineering On campus 4 years Valkeakoski
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology On campus 4 years Riihimäki
Natural Sciences
Life Sciences
Smart Organic Farming On campus 4 years Mustiala
Environmental Sustainability
Information and Communications Technology, Bioeconomy On campus 4 years Forssa
Sustainable Forest Management On campus 4 years Hämeenlinna
Sustainable Design
Smart and Sustainable Design On campus 4 years Hämeenlinna
Information Technology
Computer Applications On campus 3.5 years Hämeenlinna
  • = Course Level Intermediate

Scholarships & funding

HAMK’s scholarship programme is available for the nationals of non-EU and non-EEA countries who are studying for a degree in HAMK’s English-taught degree programmes. The nationals of non-EU and non-EEA countries are obliged to pay the annual tuition fee.

HAMK grants scholarships based on Finnish language skills. The scholarship programme awards students who gain at least the basic skills of Finnish language during their degree studies at HAMK. The aim of HAMK’s scholarship programme is to support the future employment of international degree students in Finland by encouraging students to gain good level of Finnish language during their studies.

Students can be awarded scholarships two times during their studies, based on their level of Finnish language and provided that their studies progress with 60 ECTS credits per academic year at HAMK. The Finnish language skills are evaluated by exam results.

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Why study at Häme University of Applied Sciences

Our long history dating back to 1840 has enabled us to mold into a competitive, modern university with internationally recognized teaching quality. Our 850 international students from over 70 countries enrich HAMK´s international environment.

We offer 9 Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English, with a focus on boosting comprehensive skills for employability, innovation and entrepreneurship. You can shape your degree programme to fit your future aspirations with cross-disciplinary learning across subjects.

Häme University of Applied Sciences is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad

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Student services & facilities

There are several different ways of enjoying your time in Finland on our campuses! HAMK's student union HAMKO organizes different events and parties to students, and there are lots of nature trails, outdoor activities, museums, theatres, movies, sports possibilities available! HAMK Moves organizes a broad selection of sport activities on all campuses to its students with affordable student prizes.

Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) offer health care services to all foreign degree students studying in Finland.

HAMK International helps all students interested in exchange- or double degree studies abroad. Did you know that HAMK has over 170 international partners for our students benefit?

Career guidance and support in career projects is available from guidance counselors, teachers, alumni, recruitment professionals and employers.



Hämeenlinna is a beautiful lakeside city in southern Finland, just a one-hour drive from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The campus is located 2 km from the Hämeenlinna city centre.

Hämeenlinna University Centre is the largest of HAMK’s campuses. There are around 20 different degree programmes and it’s the home campus for HAMK’s four research units.


Riihimäki is a small town in the junction of southern Finland’s main motorways and railway lines. The town is located about 70 km from Helsinki and the airport, and it takes only 45 minutes to reach Riihimäki from anywhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Riihimäki campus is located 1 km from the Riihimäki town centre.

Riihimäki campus has degree programmes in engineering. Renewed campus and state-of-the-art laboratories make Riihimäki the perfect place for engineering studies!


Valkeakoski is a town in the southern part of Finland, in the middle of the Finnish Lake District, just a 40-minute drive from Tampere, which is the third largest city in Finland. Valkeakoski campus is located 3 km from the Valkeakoski town centre.

Valkeakoski campus has a very international atmosphere as there are around 300 foreign students.


Forssa is a small town situated in southern Finland, only a 1.5-hour drive from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Forssa campus is located in a beautiful historical area around 1 km from the town centre.


Mustiala is located in southern Finland, in the very small town of Tammela, only a 1.5-hour drive from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Most services and leisure time activities are found in Forssa, around 10 km from Mustiala.

Mustiala is surrounded by beautiful nature, the oldest of HAMK’s campuses and a traditional higher agricultural education provider. There is an organic educational farm on the campus, where the students get to practice their skills and familiarize themselves with the latest technology in agriculture.


Evo Campus is situated in the village of Iso-Evo in the Lammi area. Lammi is a rural district and part of the city of Hämeenlinna. It takes about 40 minutes by car from Hämeenlinna to Evo. Evo campus is specialised in forestry and located in the middle of forest. It was founded in 1862 and it was the first forest school in Finland.

Student lifestyle

There are several different ways of enjoying your time in Finland on our campuses! HAMK's student union HAMKO organizes different events and parties to students, and there are lots of nature trails, outdoor activities, museums, theatres, movies, sports possibilities available!


All HAMK campuses are located in small to medium sized cities, so wherever your housing is located you are never far away from your classroom. Depending on your campus, there are different kinds of accommodation available.

Usually the accommodation is shared with 1-2 other students, and everyone has their own private bedroom and kitchen, bathroom and common areas are shared. There are also private accommodation options for those who prefer it. You can find more information about accommodation from our webpage.


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I have never developed myself as much as I did while studying at HAMK


I'm really surprised how good of an experience it has been to study at HAMK and especially in International Business degree programme. The international atmosphere inside our school & class has given me a great opportunity to meet new people around the globe and get a lot of new friends with whom to share these years of studying.


HAMK gives excellent opportunities for exchange - you can basically go anywhere in the world and you are supported and helped during the entire process


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