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GEOS Languages Plus

For decades, GEOS Languages Plus has been helping students achieve academic success in pursuing an education at a North American university or college with its IELTS & TOEFL Preparation course. 

At GEOS Languages Plus, students will get an excellent education and an amazing experience abroad. GEOS classes are optimized by making use of the latest ESL materials and teaching methods, and they are open to all levels of fluency, even complete beginners. 

With locations all over Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, and Malta and adult programs and courses, GEOS strives to help all students develop their English and French by focusing on speaking and listening abilities.Students from around the world come to GEOS for affordable courses and programs, where after-class activities and excursions are also offered to help the students discover their new city and practice their English abilities.

Classes at GEOS will be taught by experienced teachers who can help the students achieve their goals and continue into College or University with GEOS Pathways Program. All GOS language programs in Canada have been approved by Languages Canada.


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